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Tour the Denver Performing Arts Complex

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Are you looking for something different to do in Denver? Tired of the same old entertainment venues? Looking to broaden your horizons? Why not take a tour of the Denver Performing Arts Complex? Get an inside look at one of Denver's most popular entertainment centers.

Did you know that the Denver Performing Arts Complex is the worlds largest entertainment facility? Featuring ten performance areas, where you can see everything from theater, to dance, to concerts, to ballet, this center has it all.

Tours of the Denver Performing Arts Complex are just as interesting as the events themselves. You can get a peek backstage to see how a production is put together. Visit the prop room, see how the stage sets are designed and see fabulous costumes.

Visit actors alley. Here you can view life sized autographed posters of cast members from various shows. That's not all you can see on a tour of the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Ever wonder how theater lighting and special effects are done? Find out on the tour.

You can tour dressing rooms to see what lies behind the star on the door. Step on to the stage and experience the vastness of the theater from an actor's viewpoint. Would you like to see where performers rehearse for the show? It's all part of the tour experience.

What is the cost for a tour of the Denver Performing Arts Complex? A mere $6.00 per person. This has to be one of the least expensive and most interesting unique entertainment options in the Denver area. Go here for more information.



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