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Tour a neighborhood from your home

In the Colonies neighborhood
In the Colonies neighborhood
Teresa Scott-Traves

YouTube is one site that has revolutionized not only the way people communicate with one another but also the way we are informed. People all over the world can view videos and a few inventive individuals have even become internet sensations. A video can explore comedy, political rants, music videos, television shows, etc. Some videos can even help you decide on which place to visit when traveling to your chosen locale or even help you when trying to decide what neighborhood you want to live in. As anyone knows, no two neighborhoods are alike and some may fit you better than others. This is the reason the former Amarillo, Texas realtor team the Traves Group made virtual driving tours of numerous Amarillo neighborhoods.

Instead of wasting countless tanks of gas and time when scoping out the various neighborhoods that Amarillo has to offer, these videos exist to make it convenient to see what a neighborhood is like from your home…whether in your pajamas or standing on your head. The look and feel of the videos was designed “as if you were driving through the neighborhood yourself”, said co-creator Jonathan Traves. The virtual driving tours are true representations of areas around Amarillo and the videos were set to various music, some funky, some rock, and some folksy-country. Anyone interested in Amarillo real estate, be it for home ownership, architectural infatuation, etc. will be able to check out many of the neighborhood/divisions that Amarillo has to offer. See videos