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Tough Mudder sold out in Chicago, Saturday, May 10; Sunday still open

Tough Mudder obstacles will challenge even the most skilled athletes.
Tough Mudder obstacles will challenge even the most skilled athletes.
Weston Walker for Tough Mudder

It's known to have obstacles that are unlike ones you've ever seen before. It's known to be muddy, especially at this venue. It's known to be an all-day endurance endeavor (well, depending on how fast or slow you can knock out 10 to 12 miles full of obstacles). It's the Tough Mudder, an endurance event unlike any other, and it'll be in the Chicago area on May 10 and 11.

Tough Mudder lands at Richmond Hunting Club, a venue located roughly 75 minutes from Chicago and Milwaukee, for two days of muddy mayhem. between the Hunting Club itself and the weather the Midwest has had this spring, organizers are promising one of the muddiest Tough Mudders.

The event is expected to draw more than 18,000 participants during the weekend. The Saturday event will be packed to capacity--event officials announced the Saturday event had sold out as of May 1--and Sunday's event is looking to fill on site. This is the second Tough Mudder event to sell out in less than a month: The Las Vegas Tough Mudder, which was held at the end of April, was the first.

Those competing at the Chicago Tough Mudder will have more than just mud to contend with. They'll also see their fair share of new and challenging obstacles designed and tested by the TMHQ Innovations Team and a select group of adventurous Tough Mudder fans. Some of the new obstacles to be unveiled in Chicago include Family Feud, Fire In Your Hole, Pole Dancer and Pyramid Scheme. "By developing innovative new obstacles like Pyramid Scheme and Pole Dancer, and outfitting world class venues with some of the most formidable courses our experts can dream up, we expect the Chicago Tough Mudder event to be the most exciting we've ever put on in the area," said Alex Patterson, VP of Brand. "We've been working all year long to get these innovations on course, and we are incredibly proud to see the positive response from our global tribe of Mudders."

Sounds like earning that orange headband, the reward--plus a T-shirt and hard-earned beer--for finishing, is anything but easy. No wonder Tough Mudder is known as "Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet."

For more details on the Chicago Tough Mudder, check out all the details on the event's website.

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