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Touchy Feely

Couchfire Collective

Couchfire Collective presents Touchy Feely, an exhibition where the viewer can experience art hands on. Traditionally, most of all art can only be seen by the viewer, whether it be from a few inches of the piece or from a few feet. In this exhibit, viewers are encouraged to experience all of the art through touch, creating a new and unique experience between the viewer and the art.

Artwork included may be functional, decorative or narrative, all depending on the individual desires of the artist. All of the art in this exhibit has one thing in common: the need to experience it hands on. A variety of textures and shapes are to be felt, along with various weights and sizes. This exhibit offers a new and fun experience for gallery-goers, creating a nice break from "no touching."

Artists include: Todd Hickerson, Stephanie Livingston, Christina Ward, Eric Shook, Cary Johnston, Brad Larkin, John Gypsy, Luc Hargis, Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee, Erinn Bessler, Rob W. Jones, Tiffany Lee, Zachary Podgorny, Sharon Bell, Meghan Willis, Denise Ferguson of Yummy Pancake, Julia Williams, Heidi Kambitsch, Mary Moon Designs, Danielle Thomas, Nicki Strouss, Esther Chung, Anne Holman, Ira Tecson, Jane Tuss, Laura Stith, Megan A. Coyan, Janelle Marie, Mara Marcom, Peggy Mintun, Kurt Monnier, Megan Green, Amy Neiwirth, Devon Palmer and many, many more.

The reception is Saturday, February 27 from 6-10PM at the Ohio Art League Gallery, 1552 N. High St. in the South Campus Gateway.

For more information visit Couchfire Collective on the web.