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Touchscreen gloves: New liquid makes all gloves usable on smartphones

Improved touchscreen gloves could help with the colder months.
Improved touchscreen gloves could help with the colder months.

With such a harsh winter, many people across the country have spent it bundled up from head to toe. That has caused some problems with their smartphone usage, and that is why touchscreen gloves is trending again. The Inquisitr reported on Feb. 19, 2014, that a new liquid is actually making touchscreen gloves a lot more smartphone friendly.

A brand new campaign on Kickstarter actually has a liquid spray called "Nanotips" that is trying to raise enough money to make it a reality. Nanotips is a liquid solution that would transform all gloves into touchscreen gloves so you wouldn't have to buy specific types.

Stores like Best Buy already have touchscreen gloves on sale, and they're quite good and easy to use.

Those gloves are unique and made specifically to work on smartphones and tablets, but they have to be bought for that reason.

Nanotips can be sprayed onto leather, cloth, wool, or any other type of gloves and make them into touchscreen gloves. The creation comes from Tony Yu, and he claims that it can last for months, depending on the usage by the wearer.

Yu had a Kickstarter goal of $10,500 by a long shot as he has 2,172 backers for over $65,000 with five days left to go. It appears as if an alternative for touchscreen gloves is truly on the way.

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