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Tottenham hoping to open new ground by 2017

Daniel Levy hopes to be in a new stadium by 2017.
Daniel Levy hopes to be in a new stadium by 2017.
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur are optimistic that they will be into their new ground as planned in 2017.

White Hart Lane, Spurs current stadium, holds 36,000 fans which probably isn’t adequate for a club of their stature. The new one, however, will have a capacity of 58,000 - a noticeable increase.

The stadium consistently sells out and there is a significant waiting list, so expanding the amount of people that can go to games is sure to increase revenue.

Tottenham’s Daniel Levy took to the club’s website to issue a statement.

“We have fantastic, strong support,” he began.

“Our current 36,000-seater stadium sells out and the waiting list for season ticket holders is currently in excess of 47,000.

“We have the smallest capacity stadium of any club in the top 20 clubs in Europe, let alone the current top four Premier League clubs.

“We cannot stress strongly enough how critical the new stadium is over the long term to these raised expectations.”

Tottenham did bid to move to the Olympic Stadium, but it was West Ham United that won out in that particular case. So instead, Spurs began to purchase acres of land surrounding their current stadium.

The club believes a tender for construction will be put out before the end of this year so the new ground could be open in time for the 2017-18 season.

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