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TotalMobile USA partners with Motorola

Massachusetts based software company TotalMobile recently partnered with Motorola. Following this partnership TotalMobile USA has been invited by Motorola to present their software to different Heads of the Government at the National Association of Counties. TotalMobile USA talks in detail about this on their corporate blog.

TotalMobile USA blog states that, "TotalMobile USA is growing at a fast pace. As our partner network increases, the opportunities available to us are increasing too. Recently, Ed D'Angelo, TotalMobile USA's Mobile Solutions Engineer was invited by Motorola (our ISV partner) to give a presentation to 100+ executives in Reno, Nevada.

Ed will be speaking at the National Association of Counties' (NACo), Large Urban County Caucus breakfast on July 16, 2010. The National Association of Counties is "the only national organization representing county government. Driven by a strong membership, NACo's Board of Directors represents counties across America. NACo's Executive Committee is comprised of four officers elected by the membership, along with a regional representative from each of the four regions in the country. County leaders develop and shape the association's mission and goal."

This is quite an honor for TotalMobile USA and we are pleased to be working so closely with Motorola. When asked about the event and it's significance to TotalMobile, Ed replied: "I'm excited about the opportunity to take part in the National Association of Counties Conference in Reno with Motorola. This provides with the opportunity to further cement our partnership with Motorola, and educate one of our core customer markets on our product. I really believe our product will help these counties address many of the challenges they're facing as a result of the economic crisis. They're having to do the same amount of work with fewer workers. They need to invest in technology in order to bridge that gap, and we can help show them how they can do that."

Not only will Ed be giving a presentation to 100+ executives, he will also demo/present the TotalMobile software at the event. The event is being held from July 16, 2010 - July 20, 2010. If you are interested in finding out more about the event please visit the TotalMobile USA website."



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