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Totalcampo - Setting the standard for 7 vs. 7 recreational soccer

Totalcampo – Setting the standard for 7 vs. 7 recreational soccer
Totalcampo – Setting the standard for 7 vs. 7 recreational soccer

Friday November 6th, 2009 - The year was 1999…Rick, Tommy and Sergio had just finished playing a rough game in a recreational league in Montreal. The field was terrible, the organization was horrendous and the refereeing could not be described properly in words. They were absolutely miserable playing in this league but unfortunately there was no other option. That’s when they decided to take it upon themselves and create Totalcampo. Not only did they want to create a league where soccer enthusiasts all around the island of Montreal could enjoy their favorite sport in summer and winter, their main focus was to make it a respectable league that would also foster a sense of community among all its players.

Like any new project Rick, Tommy and Sergio knew that it was going to take some time before Totalcampo would be well recognized in the local soccer community. What they were not expecting was the response by the local amateur soccer players and before they knew it the league was expanding at an incredible pace. Ten years later Totalcampo is currently organizing over 20 divisions including five women’s divisions, accommodating over 300 teams and over 3000 players a season. Offering a great playing surface, a very well organized website with up to date information as well as federated referees Totalcampo founders have accomplished what they set out to do years ago. At this time Totalcampo has organized leagues all around the Montreal area - Laval (Bois de Boulogne complex), Montreal (Stade Hebert), Brossard (Complexe sportif Bell), Rosemere (Centre Multi Sports).

A great thanks to Totalcampo who has helped soccer fanatics of all age groups enjoy their favorite sport and more importantly for having contributed to the growth and development of soccer in Quebec. Also a special thanks to their sponsors DM Sports (Mass & Givova in Canada) as well as Denarius Financial Group for giving their support to Totalcampo in an effort to continue offering a great environment to play soccer.

For more information on how you can join a league at Totalcampo please visit