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'Total War: Rome II' unveils largest screenshot ever

It's the biggest because, because why not?
It's the biggest because, because why not?

The Total War series’s latest entry boasts a screenshot so big, we couldn’t properly resize for you.

Total War Rome II has officially released the largest screenshot of pixel spooning to date, the company revealed today. Sitting at 212888 x 5100 pixels - yes, those are the actual dimensions - TWRll’s map touts an impressive battle scale, however, the campaign map easily outweighs the size of engagements the title exhibits, though the measure of skirmish is still incredibly impressive.

Needless to say, 21288 x 5100 is astronomical, so much, that to trying to download the photo conventionally would only yield a single tile. Go here if you want to download it properly. Though we recommend heading on over to the full page view to experience the full spectrum of the map in panoramic form. From there, you can begin mouse scrolling across the terrain of land that spans the Roman era.

Additionally, you can also head on over to the Total War Wiki page to explore a slightly smaller version of the panoramic campaign map.

In order to house battles where players can facilitate naval and ground wars, including over 700 unit types, you need map of ginormous proportions. Looks like the Creative Assembly team has done just that.

Total War Rome II releases on September 3rd for PC. Happy viewing.