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This is a home management system which allows you to control devices from your cell phone. You can point the laser at the device that you want to control. The beauty of this system is that every object in the room can serve as a button for your device.Let's take the receiver for instance. You can use the DVD button on the surface of the receiver to play the DVD or change the button position and locate it on the DVD machine.This way, we can also configure the TV to display all devices with video output, like PC, DVD,Cable TV decoder and more, simply by pointing at the actual devices.

Integrating your home electronic devices to the system is really easy. All you have to do is to use the device's perspective, push the option menu button and select Add New Device option. You will be asked to point the laser at the new device's top left corner. Then you will be asked to point the laser at the new device's bottom right corner.Now the system knows your device location. The application will then connect automatically to Total Control's servers in order to recognize the added device. You will be asked to select the device type, the device brand name, and finally the model number. Now,the magic starts to happens. All device codes and buttons will be downloaded to your system and all the visual buttons will be recognized. Total Control's servers contain a large database of infrared codes that are continually updated.

Perks include the Blaster and Stinger models with color options.

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