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Toss This...In Your Salad


Salads, need I say more?

Yes, I do need to say more.  I have a dream that maybe  some day I can open my own little salad shop.  My grand mother had the most fabulous recipe for an orange fluff salad with mandarin oranges.  I also encountered a pistachio smoothie recipe, but I'll get you that one later.

But this got me thinking more on my idea of a buffet style salad bar that contained more salads, more dressing options and captured more of the flavors this world has to offer. For instance, why not just incorporate more fresh fruits into your everyday dinner salad.  Pomegranites are very tasty with most light vinagrettes.   Mandarin oranges are always easy to get, drain and toss in.  If you go with oranges, you can also add almond slivers, and a little spinach. 

I highly reccomend Dorothy Lynch dressing.  Being from Nebraska, it was always around, and with a sharp cheddar or feta, it will highly surprise.  Many of the dollar stores, and even Bargain Mart on w. Colorado ave. in the springs can give many other possible dressing options at a fraction of the price.  If you don't like it, it didn't cost the entire arm and leg. 

There are of course other stranger things one can add to a salad that won't break the bank.  A good example is chicken gizzards.  After they are cooked and cooled, chop them in a way that will get rid of the tendony parts.  Most packages also come with hearts and livers.....yummmm  protein.

If the above idea is not your taste, try this,  caramel syrup.  Ok that ones not such a bright idea.  Yet I have seen my wife eat some crazy stuff.  Tell you what, how about I just give you a great recipe, and we can forget about that last idea.....Deal?

Now mind you this is a recipe from my mother's mother's mother... so we have perfected it.  Enjoy.

2c. Hot water,

13. oz. box  orange Jello

1 3.5  oz. box instant vanilla pudding

1 3.5 oz. box tapioca pudding

1 8 oz. carton of cool whip (make sure it's not miracle whip)

1 Large can mandarin oranges 11-20 oz. drained.  (depends on how orangy you want it.)

Dissolve Jello and both pudding mixes in hot water.  Cook over low to medium heat approx 10 minutes, stirring constanly.  Cool for at least 15 minutes then fold in the cool whip first followed by the oranges.  At this time you can put the ingredients into any mold you wish... refrigerate for at least 2 hours, and woofity woof  it down. 

Have a good day.