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Toshiba's wonderful DiGiT gloves: A perfect fit for April Fool's

See how great Toshiba's DiGiT device would be if it wasn't just an April Fool's Day prank.
See how great Toshiba's DiGiT device would be if it wasn't just an April Fool's Day prank.

Toshiba announced on their website April 1 a brand new technology named DiGiT. The DiGiT gloves look to rival Google's Google Glass for productivity in today's lifestyle, plus they have the added appeal of keeping fingers toasty warm. Surprises for all who excitedly read through the well constructed details to find that it is Toshiba's sophisticated April Fool's Day prank.

Check out the wonderful Toshiba April Fool's Day prank for 2014

DiGiT by Toshiba will entice anyone looking to be the first to own exciting new technology.

The elaborate sales pitch on the Toshiba website begins with an introduction explaining how DiGiT literally places digital life's needs at one's fingertips using gestural controls. Specifications and photos of the technologically advanced gloves detail display functions and buttons.

To add to the fun and excitement of Toshiba's newest device on the market are several finely produced videos. Click on "Experience it" and watch the video touting "Technology with a perfect fit" within a poem singing DiGiT's praises. The other videos showcase the surround sound ear buds, a 4K HD video camera, a cool multi-lingual translator and a optical sensor.

Continue to scroll down the page to read all of the amazing digital possibilities that DiGiT technology is capable of, enticing one to want to purchase the newest and most innovative of digital products on the market. At the bottom of the page is the "Sign Me Up" button. The moment one clicks on it "April Fools" shouts out letting the public know that Toshiba has a very creative fun side. For added amusement there is a link to Toshiba's 2013 April Fool's Day prank, the Shibasphere.

April Fool's Day is a rare moment in time every year when anyone can have fun with inventive pranks allowing for smiles and laughter to fill the air. Toshiba certainly takes April Fool's Day seriously with their intricately produced hoax. With the prank of a cool new digital device, Toshiba brings new excitement to the technology it has on the market now.

Life should always be about fun and smiling; never be afraid to dance!

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