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Torvill and Dean Bolero repeat from Sarajevo earned another perfect score

Brits Torvill and Dean repeated a striking skating scenario from three decades ago on Feb. 14. In order to deliver a sort of living love letter on this Valentine's Day, the famous duo performed their Bolero choreography in Sarajevo just like they performed an enchanting ice dance to this iconic anthem in Sarajevo 30 years ago at the Olympics, according to the Associated Press via MSN.

Torvill and Dean return to Sarajevo to perform to Bolero
Photo by LOCOG

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean were probably on a high as these two legendary athletes skated out onto the ice wearing the same costumes on the same rink doing the same routine that earned them the first and only perfect 6s ever received in Olympic skating history.

These gold medalists were glad to be on show again. Torvill, who is now 54, was enchanted when the masses of Sarajevans shouted in appreciation, once again giving the athletes their due by giving repeatedly screaming, "6.0, 6.0"

That stated, the love tragedy that is Bolero turned into a piece full of joy as Torvill and Dean once again took to the ice exactly 30 years ago on Valentine's Day. That time the performance was for a crack at a gold metal and this time the performance was to raise money in order to build a permanent ice rink in the Bosnian capital for the Youth Olympic Games.

And so, as Brits Torvill and Dean took on Bolero again as a repeat from Sarajevo, this performance earned this couple a perfect score just like the original offering did for them in 1984.

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