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Counterintelligence Reverse Tactic
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  • Ella 5 years ago

    I am a TI for almost two years now, and my ordeal started by being hacked by the group Anonymous. The hacking turned into gangstalking and being tortured with Directed Energy Weapons, which leads me to believe the vigilante hackers who have taken over the Internet are connected to the same Masonic NWO gangstalkers who have taken over the streets.

  • TPL 5 years ago

    Anon is an entity that is somewhat anarchist in nature, and they rebel at even the slightest evidence of heavy handedness by authority figures. I fail to see how they would be the source of any weapons attacks against an individual, especially if there is some massive global governmental body behind it (Which I doubt anyways).

  • TSGordon 5 years ago

    We've been toying with these covert Ops since the mid sixties. Thankfully, after mom ran Bill Clinton's first election, they have never bothered, or threatened us in any way. Of course, we could see through Bill that things were changing for the worse, and now what point is there in pretending that the US still has any form of political 'justice' following 9/11? None!

    As to directed energy, you'll need to investigate the basic methods of RF-shielding. You may need to create a single room with a double-layer of copper wire screen which you can apply much like wall paper. (This is what they do to protect data-banks and hardware from all forms of EMI-radiation, friendly or otherwise.)

    I literally would not rule out the possibility that actual 'tin foil hats' could help deflect some of the ill-effects of the Cellular Tower radiation. We have some on a Church nearby. There is a constant ringing sound that suggests we too desperately need copper shielding to protect our heart and endocrine systems.

    Be careful, though. 'Bees' are about the same length as these waves, and I think they die from the reflective internal wave-bouncing.

  • Rod Bleckstyne 5 years ago

    Anyone who would "willing" work for a Vile,Corrupt,Criminal (extensively documented) Organization like the FBI is as Despicable and Degenerate a Creature as a human being could ever possibly devolve into!

  • TPL 5 years ago

    Yeah, and what have you done for the betterment of society? Have you stopped bank robbers, caught kidnappers, and helped end hostage standoffs?

  • Another Anonymous 5 years ago

    Quite right, Rod Bleckstyne. Or he is a drooling imbecile brainwashed by religion/patriotism. Warning: people who claim to be ex-CIA or whatever agency often are still actively working for them, posing as one of us. Levin is right in that they do have agents provocateur ready to ensnare anyone whose passions lead them to violent action. The problem, the Catch-22, is that Levin's recommended legal steps are nonsensical. There is no legal path out of this morass. The criminals now in power in our world will use the laws which they themselves designed to imprison anyone who acts; the Constitution is now moribund; and as a consequence, 1776-style revolution has been outlawed. What is necessary now is for everyone to hang together but as you read the other comments under this post it becomes clear that people will not act out of compassion for others, they won't even have the goodness to believe what other people are saying about what's really happening to them, they would rather not believe, so they postulate that the government can kill every single one of the millions on its List or that our government would never do such things simply because they don't want to believe it. So when the traps finally shuts on everyone including those unbelieving witless morons it will be too late.

  • Anonymous Coward 5 years ago

    "Levin is now one of thousands ... battling to survive ... C I A torture...."

    He sounds paranoid. If the powers that be didn't want him around he wouldn't be here. There are lots of examples of non-suicidal people who threatened the status quo "taking their own lives", he would probably just be one more of them, if he didn't have a small plane accident.

  • Maggie 5 years ago

    You are right, if they wanted him eliminated, they would have. The question then becomes, why do they want he and the others around? We can venture a guess or two, and be way off track. So, we must judge this man on his apparent integrity and character as that is all we have.

    What can we determine about either his integrity or character in this brief article? First of all, he held a respected position with the FBI, and as such he lectured and trained others. To be a trainer, he had to have a sound knowledge of his field and knew sophisticated counterintelligence tactics. This was no doubt verified by the author, and in sum, those are his credentials.

    Next, we look at his motives in this interview, which are certainly to inform, but also to warn about tactics he has seen used many times, now being used on us. Those tactics are to incite violence and rebellion. What good would either do us? None. This is because violence begets violence and we would only succeed in putting in more of the same in power if we go that route.

    Levin offers us something different, a peaceful way to rid ourselves of the vermin in power now. And that is what it would take, a concerted effort on the part of the many to avoid violence and work positively in large numbers for change.

    Judging by the bit you have writen, as I can only see put downs of Levin and nothing of substance, I am left to wonder about your motives for posting?

  • gravedigger 5 years ago

    obviously you are what your name suggests/probably a looooser perp to boot . hope you dont end up on the receiving end not..

  • sharon 5 years ago

    So there's more of us than there are of them!

    So the CIA is bad, and the fbi not good either...but not as bad as the CIA?

    i think crystals could help somehow...:-) bless!

  • Dodgyas 5 years ago

    i trying to workout who is the biggest nutta, him wiv his counter, counter, counter, counter intelligence, or you an ur Crystalz! pmsl.

  • Martine 5 years ago

    When I positied this exact same argument - that when Wikileaks released the Iraq US Helicopter gun ship video it was designed as a counterintelligence reverse tactic to cause the demise of Wikileaks itself, I was laughed at and called a conspiracy theorist But I was just stating the obvious!

  • Another Anonymous 5 years ago

    Anytime you hear anyone's knee jerk "conspiracy theorist" reaction you know you're onto a bit of cold hard truth. The braindead zombie masses have been conditioned to spit out the words "conspiracy theoris" anytime the truth is aired in this land.

  • Dodgyas 5 years ago

    The simple thing to to remeber is, itz a jungle out there!
    at least, Americans, still have a right 2 bare armz. for when it all kickz off. In England we gonna be fukd.(dont worry, i got mine! lol)

  • Dave Harrison 5 years ago

    For readers who are interested in learning more about how the Constitution provides means for revolution within the law of the land through the little known activity of nullification, click here to learn more:

    Dave Harrison

  • Smith 5 years ago

    Is levin being gang stalked?

  • Smith 5 years ago

    Jon Huntsman is behind gang activity and gang stalking in Utah.

  • Jeanette 5 years ago

    Don't have to be warned about Assange. Since I know his op is funded by George Soros, that's all I need to know about Wikileaks. Any info he may have disclosed that is real is not enough to overcome that one fact. BTW, are you aware that since taking money from Soros Wikileaks is now going after companies that Soros wants to take over?

  • JK 5 years ago

    The 'net (and it isn't called that for nothing) was created as a military communications/intelligence gathering tool- and so it remains today. ALL the traffic on the web is monitored and it gets sorted, categorized, and filed back at Langley for study and possible current or future use. Anyone who believes there or ever has been a "free and open" Internet- anymore than there is a "free press"- is sadly deluding themselves.
    If you think of lab animals being subjected to various stimuli and their reactions observed and alterations to policy and their environment made on that basis, you will get the idea...

  • Anna Dane 5 years ago

    This article does not make any sense to me. What is the warning against, supporting wikileaks?

    Is the meaning like this: the whole wikileaks launch is a scam initiated by someone (who?) to provoke a revolution (against who?), because it was predictable that the US government would react in an outrageous manner to try to cover up the issue, which would predictably provoke a global counter-reaction (I think it can fairly be said that the American "free world" image has crashed during recent weeks due to their fanatic chase on Assange, manipulation of private companies and attempts to suppress information freedom).

    - And the FBI guy recommends a counter-revolution (against whom, again?). Is that what the article implies?

    Also, what is Directed Energy Technology? What sort of hidden torture can it cause? and what is the CIA Torture Paradigm?

    It sounds like some sort of messed up conspiracy theories, but maybe it is just me.

  • Ella 5 years ago

    Anna Dane,

    Directed Energy Technology is almost something you would never believe unless you were experiencing it. The best way to understand it is to compare it to a cell phone signal. Our bodies are electrical, and we each emit a unique frequency. An RF signal can be locked on to us, which can manipulate the brain and central nervous system. It is Tesla technology, and it is not new. Other types of directed energy used are satellite based (this is how crop circles are made). Even in the 1800's Tesla's experiments in NY were causing buildings to shake. The people who have control over it are completely above the law, they are connected to Freemasonry, as Tesla was, and they can cause an earthquake, make a volcano erupt, or make someone have a brain hemorrhage or a heart attack, or make a beautiful crop circle! If someone is being tortured with directed energy, they might begin to feel an electrical sensation on their temples, and static electricity in their hair.

  • natvlegl 5 years ago

    Here may be the answer to "ward off" all types of frequencies/emf etc. The Bali-gifters make "organite" & provide instructions .. go around & "plant" in strategic places ("gifting") to help save ecosystems from such as microwaves, etc. .. the organite is easy, economical to make. Start at: to check out their resources/links to their actions across globe & in their homes .. make some organite gifts for Christmas! It may be a seemingly small "gift" but enough of smalls can accomplish a lot. Cheers to all for positive love & truth.

  • jack or panachia 5 years ago

    The guys right the FBI leaked these papers for they can bring that new Espionage law for they can close down or shut up all the reporters who are writing crap about them, just like they burned down the Twin towers for they can attack IRAQ and bring a thousand of new laws to the U.S.

  • STFU 5 years ago


  • mindcon MC 5 years ago

    Dear @Sir, @Madam,
    On the Road to Freedom: STOP TORTURE NOW!
    Yours sincerely.

  • anon 5 years ago

    one word for this section..."SpOoKs"

  • Peter Mooring 5 years ago

    Geral Sosbee, former Special Agent with the FBI describes his treatment = torture here:

    See also:


  • geral 5 years ago

    Bob Levin is a leader in the fight to expose the atrocities committed by the fbi/cia.
    The fbi thugs must create criminals:

    The Federal Burro of Investigation (fbi) is a criminal mobster group that must be controlled.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    The FBI is part of a criminal conspiracy in which to destroy the United States Constitution. The Bureau has no legislative charter which means that it does not operate within the Constitutional rule of law. It also has a history of torture and murder that would be envied by the most despicable rulers in history.

    The FBI is just another part of the Intelligence deception - an upper level crime syndicate which like the CIA, NSA DHS and their brethren in high crimes of treason, has been used to turn the United States into a military intelligence dictatorship.

  • Sergeant O. 5 years ago

    I guess I'm not seeing the proof of such happenings or occurences. Does anyone know how much a directed energy weapon costs, weighs? Or how many man hours it requires to tail the average white male 18-25?
    You do realize that you are speaking of almost impossible logistics- a logistics NIGHTMARE to try to track a single individual.
    It sounds more like a certain mental disorder (and if you have it, you'll have heard of it) which has a rarity which explains the limited number of people claiming this has happened to them personally and the larger portion of people just rambling off what-ifs.
    I'm sorry to report that you are not being stalked.
    There is a deep rooted need in some people to see things as bigger, in more quantity or as being more important than they really are.
    Sometimes a car driving past your house is just a car driving past your house.
    There is a better chance that you (anyone on here claiming that they're being tailed) will be struck by lightening than there being any veracity to the fact that you're being followed.
    I'll prove it to you.
    If you're in NYC, I'll run scout & run counter for you.
    But, even that wouldn't be enough to convince you would it?
    What would convince you that you weren't being stalked by the government? The government can't tell you, nor the courts which means this is an unassailable fantasy world in which you hold yourself prisoner.
    Any responses?
    Am I 100 percent wrong?

  • Kenneth M. Wilbourne Jr 5 years ago

    Remote electromagnetic soft-kill and mindcontrol weapons???? - Many people are suffering. The unwitting have no idea that this invasive technology is being used or how it done ! Yes, too evil to wrap our minds around to believe that the government and criminals are doing this,......but the targeted individuals know what the criminals are doing with remote political control technology and methods which can interfere with all aspects of ones life and dismantles mental and physical health , ability to work, relationships, etc.. When a person complains of being targeted, it sounds like plausible serious mental illness UNLESS remote political control technology and methods are considered.
    Some law enforcement at all levels and citizens from all backgrounds and vocations are involved in the organized group stalking/surveillance to set-up other crimes and use the remote weapons. The public needs to become educated on the topic. Greatest threat to society in human history. Many nefarious uses of the satanic remote weapons for money, power, control. Apparently, it is a government approved but denied crime to dismantle health, destroy lives, and remotely hack into citizens brains/minds.
    Dr. Nick Begich explains the technology here:

  • To the SGT O 5 years ago

    The remote political control technology and methods is only implausible to people due to ignorance of technology and the methods used which are not commonly known by the public. You sound too good at explaining the stealth crimes of remote weapons and organized group stalking/surveillance away to appeal to that public ignorance. For starters, criminal society exist who have countersurveillance methods. They use (electronic, vehicular, walking, etc.) moving surveillance techniques which are unrecognizable to the untrained eye of the public. The deep pockets of the illicit drug trade are involved which use the same human resources and methods to moniter criminal employees and tracking their valuable product drugs. Its a known fact that 60 to 80 percent of truck drivers are drug dealers. There are millions of truck drivers. It is not uncommon that 50 percent or more of citizens in any town or city are involved in the drug trade- they need engineers, law enforcement, politiicians, lawyers, acccountants, gang members, etc.. Local, state, national, and Global economy is dependent on the illicit drug trade for liquidity. That's why our military and NATO are guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan and production has risen over 500 percent since the start of the "war on terror" there; which is a truly a war for resources not any bogus terror or Bin Ladin -Alqueda threat. Our towns and cities are saturated with participants of the illicit drug trade. There are so many they easily ca

  • To the SGT O 5 years ago

    There are so many they easily can orchetrate following a person using a "zone defense" while they combine their steps doing the surveillance operations/stalking while working, shopping in stores, commuting to work or leisure, etc.. Frankly, if you are in law enforcement, there is no way that you are so dumb not to know this information. The participants known as perpetrators are not waiting around all day to follow one person. The perpetrators are criminals and have plenty other surveillance work to do like for the bosses who need protection; do other criminal activity, corporate espionage, do their "cover activity" like work, exercise, shop, yard work, etc., etc.. As said, the "stalking" is done almost effortlessly due to electronic tracking methods and the number of participants/perpetrators. The perpetrators feel smug about all this, as you do too if you are one of them because the public remains mostly unaware. You like the lying and evil and the money and hurting people. You are sick or under mind control yourself to believe your doing work that is important to "national security". You are like the Hitlers German Nazis. But, times are changing so the low-life scumbags who are doing this to destroy innocent citizens lives will be exposed. The police that are involved are nothing more than criminals with badges. The umbrella problem is currently these crimes seem to be federal government approved crimes. The Targeted would rather be targeted than to be sick as you with y

  • To SGT O 5 years ago

    SGT O : The Targeted would rather be targeted than to be sick as you with your psychopath mind. You can call the targeted parnaoid schizophrenic or delusional personality disorder, yet I doubt you have any sufficient education on those mental illness. You and your cohorts , if you are involved, belong in the pit of Hell where your lies and evil doer ways come from. If you are not involved, then take no offense. But, please remedy your ignorance before passing premature judgement. My guess is you are involved! I hope I'm wrong. So, you asked for reply, you got one . Fortunately, good police and other people of good moral and conscience would never be involved in these harassments and attacks on innocent citizens to interfere, maim, and kill. And, the Targeted will ultimately have the good people informed and on our side. So, enjoy your smugness and evil fun while it last. Ken Wilbourne :o)

  • Belle 5 years ago

    It is absolutely outrageous that this is even tolerated, not to mention allowed, here in America. It is disgusting and evil. This is nothing short of murder, by means of torture. Slowly stretching-out this stupid charde across a very long span of time time, in some instances, for almost ten to twenty years some instances. It is really mind-boggling, when thinking about it, to say the least! It is unfathomable to think that Human-Beings could actually be doing these horrific crimes, feeling fine with it and able to have no remorse or feelings of guilt. This is definitely sick and they must be stopped, sooner than later. If not, innocent people who are American Citizens, will continue to be killed without just cause. It is indecent, inhumane and illegal. So, why then are they allowed to legally continue to track, moniter, follow, harrass, poison, use lasers, electronic torture, which includes electronic sex and various different things to that affect, and other evil means of making an individuals life pure living-hell. Something has to happen immediately; "Wake-Up" people and help do something about these horrificly evil crimes. Especially since the "Targeted-Individuals" are literally no different from any other person out in Society who is honest, and not guilty of any crime. If 'Targets' are such bad individuals, or mentally ill people, then why have they not been arrested or institutionalized, after being followed for so many years -Anybody could be next!

  • geral sosbee 4 years ago
  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    The entire infrastructure of our governments has been usurped under one global dictatorship controlled by the international bankers. Through their central banks, they issue bogus currency which can be used to manipulate our economies, causing inflation and deflation, which can result in recession and even depression.

    We must abolish the central banks and reinstate the gold standard in our countries so that we can restore the wealth of our nations, while destroying the international bankers who are presently implementing a world government.

    That means abolishing central banks like the Federal Reserve System and Bank of International Settlements and doing away with interesting bearing banks. Paper currency will once again only represent the amount of gold bullion a person has in the bank, our treasuries will be the only organizations that create money interest free. And they will not be able to create more paper than we have in gold, thus doing away with inflation for once and for all.

    The people must take back their governments and their monetary systems by removing the pernicious influence (the central banks) that have intentionally destroyed our economies.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I am a government target and have been working to expose this societal perversity ever since I learned about this system. Although many strange incidents in my life left me scratching my head before I figured out what was happening, I was able to piece it together when they ramped up the electronic harassment and mobbing protocols that they were using on me when I moved to a new state and began attending law school. Many of my former peers and professors were involved in my torture at law school, whereby a professional character assassination against me was launched by members of a mandatory study group in which I was placed. When I reported the illegal, unethical, and tortious acts of these peers, the gang stalking began. However, I had been victimized by workplace mobbing electronic harassment, as well as exposure to chemical and biological agents long before the blatant community stalking began. My attempts to expose this crime on Youtube have resulted in a systematic effort to censor me and engage me with further abuse as well as attempts to set me up on criminal charges as well as generally discredit. I am still fleshing this out but receiving many death threats and interference with my communications and attempts to get legal representation or any other kind of help. Here is my channel page on Youtube:

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