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Tortoise versus police car in California chase

You have, of course, heard of the race of the tortoise and the hare, and just because the hare was faster, bad judgement cost him the race. Well, this was not the case in Alhambra, California, when a tortoise, believed initially to be named "Clark," made his great escape and went on the lam.

After several reports came in on August 2, 2014 of a 150 pound tortoise, seen roaming the streets of the City of Alhambra, California, officers were able to locate the Testudo. He seemed to be taking a leisurely stroll said one witness. In a police bulletin on the City of Alhambra's Facebook page, the incident was logged. "The tortoise did try to make a run for it; but, our officers are pretty fast. Almost had a pursuit! It took two officers to take this guy into custody because it weighs about 150 pounds (and our cuffs . . . well not practical in this situation)."

A later post says, "* * * Turtleman Update 08/03/14* * *

The tortoise is actually named "Dirk." He has been reunited with his human family who actually live in Alhambra. According to 21310 of the Penal Code, it is illegal to possess a "dirk." We enjoy keeping families together, so an exception was made in this case."

It has also been reported that the hare, which the tortoise beat in the original race, was glad to see his opponent take a fall.

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