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Torrington veteran firefighter creates outrage for promoting animal cruelty

Prince has since been demoted and is no longer Deputy Fire Marshall for conduct unbecoming to a fire officer.
Prince has since been demoted and is no longer Deputy Fire Marshall for conduct unbecoming to a fire officer.

In Connecticut, Richard Prince has close to 8,000 people who have signed a petition asking Gary Brunoli, Fire Chief and other Torrington governmental officials to terminate Prince's 24-year career as a firefighter after he posted graphic violent comments encouraging animal cruelty on Facebook.

On Tuesday, Fire Chief Gary Brunoli announced that Prince was no longer Deputy Fire Marshall and had been demoted resulting in a $10,000 annual pay cut.

On a Facebook page called, The Pit bull Propaganda Machine Revealed, pit bulls are described as the world's most dangerous dogs. In November, Prince posted comments about what could be done to get rid of the dogs and kill them; readers found such postings outrageous. A firestorm of angry animal lovers demanded Prince be fired following such comments as:

"You may be able to take the dogs eyesight away, by wrapping duct tape around his head and eyes. Using a screwdriver of another tool may give you a chance to blind the mutant... A chainsaw would be messy but effective."

More of Prince's comments can be read by clicking here. Please be warned much of the conversation is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all readers.

Since then a firestorm of indignation and accusations of extreme animal cruelty have continued to follow Prince.

According to, Chief Brunoli acknowledged Prince's comments went too far, and he violated city procedure:

"Per our investigation, we found out that he violated city policy by using city equipment, city phone, city time to do his posting for some of it."

Chief Brunoli stated Prince had been demoted in December; also citing conduct unbecoming to a fire officer and the failure to follow police procedure.

Citizens state they are worried that the stickers they have posted on their windows alerting firemen to pets in their homes needing to be rescued in case of fire, may cause a family's pit bull breed be left to perish.

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