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Torrey Pines' easy joy trip

Visitors at Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve come to see the butterflies move in the open.
Visitors at Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve come to see the butterflies move in the open.
Adam Benjamin

Colored flying creatures, called butterflies enjoy the open visitor seasons at Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve. K-12 children walk the trails on scchool field trips in the north beach reserve at the end of Del Mar Scenic Parkway, north of La Jolla, off Carmel Valley Road.

The butterflies tend to like the Torrey Pines lands filled with marsh and wisteria plant. On the trail map, the trails, between the North Torrey Pines Road-Camino Del Mar stretch and the I-5, stay open to the curious students, who learn the life creations in the nature visitors take a little joy inthe fresh air they breath. Margarita Nature trail, on the miles straight ahead, takes in nature tourers until nature revives again in Spring.

Beauty and variety stay safe inthe reserve. The Painted Lady butterflies take over their own outdoor paths, in the sun's ight, in abundant numbers, to find the nectar in the natural range they need to live, and pollinate. The small blue butterfly has its own habit. Laying low in the wisteria.

Morning, the 10 am arrivals at the Visitors Center on south beach, off North Torrey Pines Road, start adventures in the Torrey Pines Reserve. A wall display on the center's south wall lets visitors see all the butterflies they can imagine seeing. Guided tours in the sunny open range cost a little pocket money. The school children can enjoy nature's life models without paying a tour fee. Free naturalist talks start at the Visitors Center followed, after 20 minutes of learning, by a self guided nature tour. Up to 70 children can go together in groups of 12 or fewer to take the school tour that takes, by the end, just one and a half hours. The TOrrey Pines Docent Society tries to draw in as many shool chilren to the reserve as it can.

Schools sending 40 or more schildren can even get a deal on paying for a bus. The society's Bus Grant program reimburses up to 180 dollars in bus cost.

The children's program started up again in January, after the holiday season break. Eight trips were taken, and, schools keep signin gup for dates.

No cost is fair for the tours in the range grounds the butterflies take their turns to and fro. Visitors can fill up the reserve trails during Summer. But, through May, the free tours stay a good find.

Plans to enjoy the orange, black, and gray monarch butterfly on its California travels, away from its transverse mountains belt west of Mexico City in Mexico, during its stops in the Torrey Pines, can be sure plans to take an education trip out int he beauty of wildflower nature. Schools reserve a trip, and bus fare, three weeks before. And, email the ranger before they go off to Torrey Pines.

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