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Toronto: U2's Second Show


During "With or Without You" - the Dome was open...and the show, well AMAZING!

U2 and Toronto, ON Canada

I embarked on a new adventure the day of U2's second show, first by driving on I-75 through Detroit to the Windsor tunnel. Passing through customs was a breeze THIS time around...but not so much on the return trip. I purchased a round trip ticket on VIA - Canada's rail line, which is something I have never done before. For a first class/business class fare depending on what you choose, it can run around $250 - but that includes a meal, beverages, and a lot of leg room! Needless to say, I love traveling this way! I enjoyed hot coffee refills, and a hot lunch as well as cold beer. AHHHH. I also sat next to some very nice people both coming and conversation really makes the 4 hour trip a lot faster!

On to arriving in Toronto. Now, I had been there a few weeks earlier in August for the Pearl Jam show and had a better ideas as to where I needed to go. Union Station was right next to Rogers Center, and the Renaissance Hotel which was where everything was that I needed. The Renaissance is very comfortable and has a nice bar/restaurant inside - rates of course will change; especially since I was also there during the Toronto Film Festival! Burgers and beers at the Loose Moose - fantastically fresh burgers and sweet potato fries to die for. I'm hungry just thinking about it!

U2 was AMAZING. Being a fan for 22 years, this was my first concert. They played a wide range of songs and the dome was open for a gorgeous night! I loved our seats with the view of the CN Tower lights right in front of us. There are tours up the tower and a restaurant up check out the website for more information, as I did not go up.

Make sure that when traveling to and from Canada that you carry your passport....and remove your sunglasses before pulling into the Border Patrol!!