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Toronto Pig Save starts online funding to launch subway ad campaign

Toronto Pig Save starts online funding to launch subway campaign ‘Why love one and eat the other’

iVegan Toronto Subway Ad Campaign -
Poster - Why Love one...but eat the other?

August 15, 2014 – Toronto Pig Save (TPS) is known for taking their effective vegan message of compassion and bearing witness at the corners outside of slaughterhouses. This fall 2014, TPS is planning on making the bold movement of spreading their message through the Toronto underground system. TPS joined the crowdfunding site Indiegogo in order to gain financial support from fellow animal advocates. Their plan is to run the campaign ‘Why love one but eat the other’ through the Toronto subway for the month of October 2014.

The philanthropic crusade got underway thanks to a small group of animal activists and foundations. One of these donors offered to match each donation up to $14,000. “We all need to work together to expand the circle of compassion amongst family, friends and strangers we encounter,” explains Anita Krajnc. The group’s goal is for people to embrace an ethical, cruelty-free, green and healthy vegan diet and lifestyle.

Indiegogo campaigns are known because of the perks offered to those that participate on the fundraiser. Not only do people take the amazing feeling of being part of something proactive for the benefit of animals, but also they can be rewarded with awesome gifts. The fundraiser has 40 days to reach the $14,000 goal. Up to now, the group is close to $4,000 in donations.

“100% of the money raised will cover the advertising, printing, and website costs. Volunteer graphic designer, Edina Racz, designed the posters and a team of volunteers are doing all other campaign work.”

According to the Toronto Transit Commission they have approximately 460 million customers per year, or about 1.6 million passengers on a typical weekday. Their ridership accounts for more than 80% of all transit ridership in the Greater Toronto Area. The posters will also have photos of animals on Canadian factory farms and Canadian food industry facts and figures. Over the course of the month, the 1,000 posters are expected to receive more than 15 million views.

Subway commuters would be facing a question as soon as they come in to the cart: “Why love one, but eat the other?” The campaign is meant to evoke empathy and to educate subway riders about how it is so easy to have compassion for what are called companion animals and how the majority tend to ignore the abuse of farm animals. Farm animals face abuse from the minute they are born till the moment they die in the slaughterhouse.

The Toronto Subway system ran for the first time the campaign ‘Why love one but eat the other?’ during the summer of 2009. Kimberly Carroll and Lisa Kramer conducted the campaign.Their success led to a second running of the campaign in 2011. In 2013 with Mercy For Animals Canada, Kimberly was able to market the campaign in Canada’s seven major cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax.

"It's exciting to witness the re-launch of this influential campaign." Lisa Kramer explains that "based on emails from Toronto citizens and conversations with subway-riders, [they] know the ads change the way people think about their diet. Lisa says there is a steady rise over time in the number of people who abstain from eating animal products.

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