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Toronto mother and child missing since Thursday

Richly Floresca Butts and her daughter Keira Caruso vanished last week.
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

Alert: Authorities are searching for a mother and her three-year-old daughter who haven't been seen in nearly a week. Tuesday news reports share that Richly Floresca Butts, 33, and her young daughter Keira Caruso were last see around the Keele and Wilson area in Toronto. There aren't many details available in this case yet, which on its own is a disturbing element in this case since it is already nearly a week old.

Richly Butts stands at approximately 5'2" with a thin, petite build and dark features. She has long brown-black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a pair of blue shorts with a black top. She was carrying a black purse at the time, and wearing sunglasses. Her child, three-year-old Keira Caruso, stands at just 3'0" and has a small build as well. She is lighter complected than her mother and has long brown hair and brown eyes. No details are available regarding what the missing child was last seen wearing.

Please share this flyer to get the word out about this missing woman and child.

This case is still developing, so the details are evolving as they come to the media. Right now all that is known is that Richly Floresca Butts and her child are missing. The circumstances surrounding the last known sighting of the two are also known being shared in the media. There are also apparently no social media accounts that belong to the missing mom, so it's almost impossible to speculate on what may have been going on in her life around the time of her disappearance. Hopefully she and her daughter are found safe and alive.

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