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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford travels to America for fun, entertainment and marketing

Mayor Rob Ford on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show
Mayor Rob Ford on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show
Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Getty Images

News reports indicated yesterday that Canadian Mayor, Rob Ford, also known for crack-smoking, had party plans in Hollywood during the Oscars, and to be a guest on the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' show.

Apparently Ford was lavishly partying in West Hollywood. A well known socialite who said, she and a friend came across Ford hanging out in a private cabana poolside.

The cost of the private cabana was around $2,500, which included alcohol, according to TMZ reports -- wait didn't Ford claim he wasn't drinking again? Guess no one will ever be able to predict what Ford is going to do, because even he believes his own lies until he is caught. Do Canadians really care if Ford lies about his illegal actions, or has continuous drunk public embarrassments? Doubt it, but one thing everyone seems to know about Ford is his love of mixing business and pleasure.

According to Thomas, Ford handed out his business re-election campaign paraphernalia while asking Thomas and her friend to join him in his cabana.

Later he appeared on the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' show. Kimmel asked him, why he was here when so many people think of him (Ford) as a disgrace to politics? Ford's reply was, "absolutely, I'am all about customer service." Wait, what -- customer service? No one in America is here to be served by a crack-smoking mayor.

However, Kimmel didn't go light on further questions. In fact Kimmel asked him about the accusations flying around that he is "homophobic and racist." Ford apparently sober enough for a coherent reply, and viewers didn't have to scramble for some sort of inebriated app decoder for his normal slurred drunken speech said, there is no evidence to validate those rumors.

When Ford was asked about his city and his re-election, the audience applauded. Ford said, that Toronto has a lot to offer Americans who come and visit the city. "That's why I was elected, on my track record," and making our Canadian city a great place for visitors. He added, he doesn't want folks to only relate Toronto to his reckless nights on the town, but to know the city is truly a wonderful place to visit.

Although Kimmel kept asking the mayor to consider sobering up, and reframe from repeating his past crazy actions, Ford didn't care.

"I wasn't elected to be perfect, I was elected to clean up a mess," said Ford.

In fact Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is currently under an October re-election campaign. Wonder if all his crazy, lunatic, and some illegal actions will help his re-election?

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