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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to appear on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel
Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel

Air Date March 3, 2014

Now here is something that ought to ignite the word “live” in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is scheduled to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Monday night. Earlier, Ford told Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington that he plan to attend the Oscars ceremony. However, since that conversation, those plans seemed to have been scratched for security reasons. Ford’s trip to Tinsel town came the same week he informed viewers of his Ford Nation You Tube show that he disliked the whole “celebrity” label.

Ford has been the butt of jokes stemming from comedians and late night talk show hosts ever since his highly publicized crack cocaine scandal. Reportedly, Kimmel had spent approximately eight months trying to ink this deal. Wow. Kimmel must have some strong wooing powers because surely Ford has to know his name has come up at least more than once on the show and everyone else's show. Let’s not even mention video clips.

Despite video evidence or verbal charges of alcohol and/drug abuse leveled against Ford, he has consistently refused to step down or admit to having any sort of substance abuse problem.

It will be interesting to see how Kimmel will handle the interview. Will he put on kid gloves and take a subtle approach or will Kimmel go for the jugular and show no mercy? It probably does not matter though since Mayor Ford can certainly hold his own weight in water. Just look at the clippings of public attack vs. Ford’s counter-denial-segue-attack.

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' can be seen week nights at 11:35 pm on ABC.