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Toronto man claimed to communicate with aliens

In this book Oscar Magocsi relates his experience with a species of benevolent ETs.
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Through a UFO group Linked In to which this Examiner belongs, it came to light that a man from Toronto, Ontario communicated with a group of aliens called the Psycheans during his lifetime.

According to Oscar Magocsi, who was born in Hungary in 1928 and died in 2002, the Psycheans are benevolent extraterrestrials that look just like humans. However, they are said to be very psychic and only those humans with psychic abilities themselves would be able to recognize them.

Magocsi immigrated to Canada in 1957 and worked for the CBC. He first saw a UFO in September 1974 and claimed to have continuous contact with these ETs until he died. In his book entitled My Space Odyssey in UFOs, he wrote: “Contrary to my earlier disinterest in the UFO phenomena and such matters, I've become actively engaged in psychic-metaphysical and related fields ever since my first UFO encounters of 1974-1975. After all these years, my alien friends still keep in touch. They have their ways of communicating, plus monitoring people and events.”

Magocsi added that he came to understand the importance of the aliens’ mission and “resolved to do my part in helping their cause. My motivation is to communicate my experiences, to further the publicizing about the existence of alien intelligences interested in Earth-affairs, and to comply with the insistent urgings of my alien friends by spreading the word about them as I keep coming across new pieces of information.”

He maintained that an “Interdimensional Federation of Free Worlds” exists that includes 33 galaxies in many dimensions. Its members include humanoid species as well as aquatic, amphibian, reptilian, crustacean, avian, insectoids and more. He also noted that aliens utilize hyperspace technology and travel via star gates. He added that all of these aliens are guided by a “Council of Guardians,” pure energy beings existing beyond time and space.

There are also malevolent non-humanoid beings that are part of an “imperial Alliance of Righteous Worlds with whom the benevolent groups have been in a “Cold War for thousands of years.” Magocsi claimed that both species have a number of secret bases both in our solar system and on our planet.

The Psycheans, he noted, were behind the creation of the New Age movement, the goal of which is to bring about positive earth changes.

”It all came from the Forces of Light: through the Space Brothers, the continuing transmissions from Sirius Centre and the untiring workers of the Great White Brotherhood and associates,” he noted.

There is of course, much more to his story about communication with these aliens. Check out the following links:

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