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Toronto Bed Bug Extermination - Killing Bed Bugs With Heat vs Chemicals

Which bed bug extermination method should I choose?

Do you find yourself dealing with bed bugs in Toronto? Here are your options...

Toronto residents are fast becoming all to aware of the bed bug problem that is affecting more people in the GTA every single day. Bed bugs are infesting Toronto area homes at an alarming rate and as the problem continues to grow, people are turning to different methods of bed bug extermination.

If you find yourself in need of bed bug extermination there are a number of things that you need to know when selecting a bed bug exterminator. The following list should be treated as a minimum basic list of requirements that you should look for when making your bed bug exterminator selection. Ensure that the company is:

  1. Licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario
  2. Member of the NPMA, SPMAO and BBB
  3. Offers a comprehensive Bed Bug Extermination Service Guarantee

These above requirement are minimum criteria that should be used in your selection. In addition to these you should look for a company that specializes in bed bug extermination - if in doubt - ask!

There are two primary ways to exterminate bed bugs; the first being the 'traditional' methods using approved chemicals, dusting and steaming and the second being a bed bug heat treatment. Both methods of bed bug control are safe and effective when done properly however there has been an marked increase in pesticide resistance in some strains of bed bugs reported over the past two years. If this resistance is present in the strain of bed bugs infesting a home it will likely result in a poor outcome when using the traditional method of extermination.

Heating a home to above the thermal kill range of bed bugs will render all bed bugs and their eggs dead regardless of their strain. This type of treatment is almost always effective yet is at the higher end of the price range of bed bug extermination. The process takes a full day to complete properly and involves moving articles in the home / treatment area during the treatment to ensure proper airflow is achieved to render every inch of the home and articles contained therein hot enough to achieve a complete kill.

It is scientifically accepted that bed bugs and their eggs will die when exposed to 122 degrees F. for less than 60 seconds yet a properly done bed bug heat extermination takes hours to accomplish. This is due to the need to achieve above minimum thermal levels throughout the home to ensure that the requisite temperature(s) are achieved inside furniture such as sofas and mattresses in addition to behind wall and baseboards. When killing bed bugs with heat it is imperative to make sure that the required temperatures are reached EVERYWHERE in the home as bed bugs can and will hide in places that one would not expect them to.

People are getting bed bugs in more and more places throughout the city. When it comes to being aware of where one might be exposed to bed bugs there are the obvious places such as movie theatres and hotels, yet we are seeing people picking up bed bugs from mass transit, restaurants, medical clinics, hospitals, taxi's and even their own relatives that are unaware that they even have a bed bug problem!

One way to describe the bed bug problem in Toronto would be to say that, just like getting a common cold, when you step outside of your front door you run the risk of being exposed to bed bugs. Yes, this is a relatively new concept to us living in North America but the problem is here and it's here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Basic precautions can and should be taken when returning home from vacation and after visiting known 'hotspots' for bed bugs. Do Not bring your suitcase into your house and unload it onto your bed after returning from vacation. All articles should be removed in the garage (or on the porch etc.), put into garbage bags and dried on 'high' for one hour prior to exposing them to your home for instance. This will go a long way to reducing the chances that you will bring bed bugs into your home.

There are many ways that you may be exposed to bed bugs throughout your day - especially living in a thriving urban environment such as Toronto. Consult a local bed bug extermination professional for tips on how to avoid getting bed bugs in the first place. Most people who have gone through the ordeal of dealing with a bed bug problem make a specific point of asking their pest control professional how they can avoid getting them again in the future and a reputable and knowledgeable pro will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and share his/her specialized knowledge in this area with you.

Due to the ever increasing bed bug problem in Toronto more people are turning to heat as a better, greener and more efficient method of pest control for bed bugs. The pest control professional that you choose to do your bed bug heat treatment should be established and knowledgeable in all aspects of controlling bed bugs. Don't be afraid to ask questions and demand reasonable and accurate answers.

Whichever method of bed bug pest control you opt for when dealing with an infestation in your home, ensure that you do some research on the company that you are considering hiring before having them do the job. If you do a reasonable amount of homework you'll be in a good position to hire the right professional and you should expect to put the life chapter entitled 'bed bugs' behind you.

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