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Toro and Monomi exploring into the Japanese version of 'Terraria'

Toro and Monomi exploring into the Japanese version of Terraria
Toro and Monomi exploring into the Japanese version of Terraria

Terraria will be available on the Vita in Japan beginning February 6 and they are definitely in for a treat! The Japanese version of the game will feature Toro as a playable character. Players will be able to build and explore as Sony's mascot through an open-world ready for mining.

Along with Toro, the Japanese version will also be greeted with Monomi, who is is the half pink/half white bunny from Super Danganropa 2. Super Danganropa 2 is an action-adventure murder mystery game that was remade for the PS Vita in Japan and released last October.

Not only would it be great to see both Toro and Monomi make their way to the North American version of Terraria, but it would be fantastic to see Super Danganropa 2 make its way here, as well. The game involves a murder mystery in which the player must solve the murder of several students in a crazy world of despair. Who wouldn't want a great murder mystery title for the PS Vita?

While Daganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which is the first game in the series is scheduled for a Western release on February 11, 2014, we await an announcement for the release of Super Danganronpa 2 in the West, as well.

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