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Tornadoes, record temperatures and shipwrecks

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Tornadoes, record temperatures and shipwrecks top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here events that happened on July 12.

1909 - The steel, bulk freighter John B. Cowle, while carrying iron ore, was rammed by the large steel bulker Isaac M. Scott and sank in 3 minutes 1 mile northwest of Whitefish Point, MI in Lake Superior. Heavy fog covered the area at the time. The Scott and the passing bulker Goodyear picked up survivors. 14 out of 24 crew members perished.

1910 - The wood, bulk freight Trude R. Wiehe, while having several barges in tow, was driven ashore on Parker’s Reef in Portage Bay, 23 miles southwest of Manistique, MI in Lake Michigan in a storm while waiting to dock for a lumber cargo. She stranded and later burned to the waterline.

1917 – A cold July day for West Michigan as Grand Rapids only climbs to a high of 71° and Muskegon 63°. Both are record cold high temperatures for the date.

1918 - The wooden bulk freighter, Agnes W, which was carrying grain, was stranded while attempting to enter the St. Mary's River in a storm. Later pounded to pieces near Canada Point on Drummond Island.

1936 - The high temperature was 103° in Ironwood.

1966 - A tornado destroyed a barn at Coopersville in Ottawa County. Detroit had a record amount of precipitation fall in 24 hours receiving 3.19 inches!

1972 - An F0 tornado touched down in the midafternoon 10 miles northwest of Detour Village, MI in Chippewa County.

1978 - Cool weather prevails with low temperatures in the 40s. Muskegon falls to 45°, and Detroit 43°, both are record lows for the date.

1987 - An F1 tornado touched down in the midafternoon 5.1 miles WSW of Detour Village, MI in Chippewa County. It was on the ground for 5.1 miles as it headed northeast with a damage width of 40 yards. It did $300 worth of property damage and lifted 2.7 miles NW of Detour Village.

1995 - A severe thunderstorm produced wind gusts to 63 mph in Bumbletown in the mid-morning.