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Tornadoes, cold and billiard ball sized hail

Almanac 11 July 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Almanac 11 July 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

Tornadoes, cold and billiard ball sized hail top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here events that happened on July 11.

1919 – Houghton Lake observes the coldest morning ever recorded in the month of June with a reading of 26°.

1936 - The high temperature was 102° in Ironwood.

1945 - Muskegon falls to 40°, setting a record low for the date. This is also the second coldest temperature for the month of July at Muskegon, just a degree warmer than the 39° on July 2, 2001. Grand Rapids and Flint also see record lows in 1945. Grand Rapids dips to 43° and Flint 41°.

1957 - Thunderstorms struck West Michigan with heavy rain and high winds. There was widespread flooding of streets, with some road washouts. The 3.19 inches of rain at Lansing made this the wettest July day of the 20th century there. Many trees were blown over by thunderstorm winds and lightning struck a TV antenna in Grand Rapids, burning out the transmission line.

1964 - Genesee County experienced 1.75 inch hail and winds up to 58 mph around 5:50pm.

1967 - A tornado damaged a trailer, garage and silo about two miles west of Ferry in Oceana County.

1969 - 2.25 inch hail (billiard ball sized) fell out of a severe thunderstorm at 2000 CST 1.4 miles east northeast of Ingalls.

1975 - An F0 tornado touched down in the early afternoon 4.8 miles southwest of Steuben.

1987 - 3 tornadoes touched down in the U.P. The first tornado was an F0 tornado that touched down 2.7 miles SSE of Mohawk, MI in the late morning and lifted 0.6 mile NW of Lake Linden as it moved southwest for 6 miles with a damage width of 23 yards that did $5000 worth of property damage. There was also a 66 mph wind gust 2.6 miles west of Hubbell in the late morning. The 2nd tornado was an F3 tornado that touched in the early afternoon and went across Dickinson, Menominee, Delta and Schoolcraft Counties. It skipped and was a family of tornadoes that carried on for 72 miles with a damage width path at one point of 150 yards. It skipped from one mile south of Vulcan to Cooks. This tornado had a long, nearly continuous damage path, mostly through near-wilderness. A farm building was destroyed and roads were blocked by trees near Vulcan with $25,000 worth of property damage. Near Cunard, a house and several outbuildings were damaged. A house was destroyed in an isolated area in northern Menominee County with $25,000 worth of property damage there. The tornado crossed into Delta County near Schaffer and downed trees and did $25,000 worth of property damage. It was observed by a number of people in a farming area 7 miles west of Gladstone, where it moved a large barn off its foundation. Part of the barn collapsed, killing 3 steers. It was described as looking like "a thousand tires, stacked up, burning and smoking." A few buildings were knocked down at Cooks, just before the funnel disappeared and caused $25,000 worth of property damage. Later on in the afternoon at 1630 EST, an F0 tornado touched down 4.7 miles north of Eckerman, MI in Chippewa County. The tornado was on the ground for 2 miles and was 500 yards wide at one point. Property damage was $300. There was a 60 mph wind gust in St. Ignace in the late afternoon.

1992 - A record low temperature of 40° was set at Weather Forecast Office in Marquette.

2008 - Severe thunderstorms downed trees over portions of western Upper Michigan in the evening. Several one to two-foot diameter trees were snapped off or uprooted by the strong winds. Branches from the fallen trees damaged a vehicle, a boat and roofs of several cabins at Cisco Lake with $40,000 worth of property damage. A severe thunderstorm downed a large poplar tree across Highway 107 7 miles west of Silver City. A 66 mph wind gust was measured by the GLOS station at Port Wing, WI near Lake Superior.

2009 – Thunderstorms rolled across West Michigan near sunrise on this Saturday morning. Many large trees and power lines were blown over by the wind. In Branch County, corn lays flat in the fields.

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