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Tornadoes, cold air and a waterspout

Almanac 10 June 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Almanac 10 June 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

Tornadoes, cold air and a waterspout top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here events that happened on June 10.

1872 - When the pre-cursor to the National Weather Service was signed into law on February 9, 1870, only the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast, and Great Lakes were included under its jurisdiction. Beginning today meteorological responsibilities were increased to cover the entire United States.

1939 - Tornadoes struck across southern Lower Michigan, including one that hit Kalamazoo County from near Schoolcraft to Austin Lake. A farm house lost its second floor and a mattress from the home was found over a mile away.
1941 - The overnight low dropped to a "freezing" 33° in the city of Saginaw. This is the record low temperature for the month of June in Saginaw and is tied by the low temperature recorded on June 8, 1949.

2000 - A sharp temperature contrast between a warm, very moist airmass behind an east-west warm front across central Upper Michigan and cool air near Lake Superior helped fuel thunderstorms in the afternoon. Modest instability combined with the high moisture content of the atmosphere and surface dew points above 70° produced severe weather. A low topped supercell formed along the warm front and was responsible for spawning an F1 tornado. An F1 tornado touched down in midafternoon 7 miles north of Ralph. It was on the ground for 20 minutes, travelled 7.5 miles and lifted 10 miles NNE of Ralph in Marquette County or 9 miles SW of Gwinn with a damage width of 500 yards narrowing down to 100 yards. The tornado touched down in the Escanaba State Forest in northeast Dickinson County and tracked from west to east on a nearly continuous 7 1/2 mile path through the woods into southern Marquette County. Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) aerial photography showed the path varying from about 200 feet to 1200 feet wide, becoming very narrow and evidencing skipping during its last 1 1/2 miles of travel. The Michigan DNR estimated 400 acres of downed timber at a value of $250,000. The DNR expected to be able to harvest and recover about half the timber. $125,000 worth of crop damage also occurred. In the midafternoon, a wind gust to 69 mph out of a severe thunderstorm occurred 1 mile southeast of Trenary in Alger County destroyed a barn, killing a bull inside, trees down. $100,000 worth of property damage occurred with that storm. 8 to 12 inch diameter trees were downed 3 miles southwest of Gwinn at 1605 EST. 12 to 18 inch diameter trees down 2 miles northeast of Steuben at 1645 EST.

2005 - A severe thunderstorm brought down a tree down across Chaney Lake Rd. 6 miles south of Wakefield in the early afternoon.

2007 - A waterspout was spotted over Lake Superior 10 miles east of Marquette at 1800 EST. A rope waterspout was reported approximately 10 miles east of Marquette moving back and forth in a crisscross motion. The waterspout was attached to a small wall cloud in front of the rain foot.

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