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Tornado slams Barns Crossing Mall area in Tupelo, Mississippi - April 28, 2014

Storm that created the Tupelo, Mississippi tornado
Storm that created the Tupelo, Mississippi tornado
National Weather Service

At approximately 2:45pm, this afternoon, April 28, 2014 a large tornado struck areas of Tupelo, Mississippi, with the greatest damage at and near Barnes Crossing Mall.

According to WMCTV News, trained weather spotters reported a tornado on the ground near the Bissell area, which is to the southwest of Barnes Crossing Mall. It was reportedly moving toward the northeast at 50 mph.

According to reports, some tractor-trailers were overturned in the area, and a large area of damage was reported at Barnes Crossing Mall, with some buildings completely destroyed. These reports indicated that a massive debris ball could be seen in the tornado. At this point there have been no causalities reported, but it is too early to rule them out.

Visit the Business Insider for photos and to see a raw video of the Tupelo tornado on the ground, click on this link - NBC News.

Also, this writer will have an additional article published when more information is available.