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Torin Yater-Wallace loves skiing and rap music

Torin Yater-Wallace competes in Sochi Olympics
Torin Yater-Wallace competes in Sochi Olympics
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The 18-year-old Olympic athlete not only has a love for skiing, but also for rap music. If his song choices are any indication of his personality, Yater-Wallace is just as vibrant and carefree as he is an Olympian.

He is partnered with the P&G ‘Thank You, Mom’ campaign, and according Yater-Wallace, his mother has had to pick him up throughout the years. “My mom has always helped me throughout my life and has been so dedicated to my skiing because she knew how much I loved it!” he said.

Although he didn’t place high during the Sochi Olympics, Wallace says that his strategy to win was to remain mentally strong. He also wanted to enjoy skiing and put on the best show possible.

In an interview, he talks about his favorite ski moves, how he maintains privacy and a personal life, and what’s on his Ipod.

Examiner: Do you have a favorite ski move?

If so, explain why it’s your favorite. Outside of the pipe, Corkside and blunt, it’s a 720, two full rotations and a corked out spin, which is an off-axis spin so your almost upside down, and a blunt grab is grabbing the end of your ski right on the tail.

Examiner: In your off season, what would we be shocked to find you to be doing?

Anything, but, going to the gym. I don’t find the gym to be fun; I’d much rather train outdoors.

Examiner: When you’re skiing high in the air, what are you thinking?

There’s not much thinking at all. It’s a time I try not to think at all, because when you overthink usually things go wrong. I try not to think, listen to music, and hold on to my grab, and [then] wait to land back in the halfpipe and pump through my transitions.

Examiner: With fame sometimes, there's minimal privacy. Do you find it difficult to have a personal life?

At this point in my life, it’s easy to have a private life; being a professional freeskier you’re not exactly a pro football player where you’re on TV every single week. It’s not as easy to recognize a skier snowboarder when they are off the hill. Things can change after this year because with the Olympics you have ridiculous amounts of exposure that [no] free-skier has ever had before.

Examiner: What are you top 5 songs on your Ipod?

New York State of Mind by Nas, I’m a Boss by Rick Ross, “The Devil is a Lie” by Rick Ross and Jay Z, anything Lil Wayne.

Yater-Wallace credits his mom’s commitment for helping him get his first sponsor and reaching the level he’s at in his career. “I thought this campaign would be a cool opportunity to be able to show the world how much my mom does for me. Many of my fellow Olympic athletes have been involved with this campaign as well and created “Raising an Olympian” films that are inspirational and moving.”

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