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Tori Spelling stressed by cheating scandal looks extremely thin

Tori Spelling is reeling from the cheating scandal surrounding her husband Dean McDermott. The scandal is stressing Spelling out so much insiders claim he’s extremely thin after losing weight.

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott
Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott
AP/Daily Mail
Tori Spelling losing weight amid husband's cheating scandal.
AP/Daily Mail

One family insider claims that Tori Spelling, 40 is “humiliated” and “not eating” because of the stress of her husband’s alleged cheating went public.

Emily Goodhand has reportedly claimed to have had a sexual affair with Dean McDermott on Dec. 6 while he was in Toronto working. The insider stated that, “She [Spelling] lost like 10 pouds since the news broke and everyone’s worried about her.”

“Now it has her thinking, ‘Was this an isolated incident? Was there more?’” The source went on to add that the cheating scandal has affected the ‘very fabric of their marriage’.

Tori Spelling has allegedly taken her husband’s cell phone so she can monitor who he has been talking and texting too. The source stated, “They’re [Spelling and McDermot] fighting like cats and dogs. Tori has been tearing into Dean about how embarrassing this all is.”

“She was caught off-guard, but she knew he was capable of straying. Tori is sick of cleaning up [Dean’s] messes.”

The source claims that when previous allegations that he’d cheated Dean McDermott would vehemently deny it and insist they were lies. However, this time he’s acting differently.

“He’s totally gone dark. When other stories came out about him cheating, he’d say it’s all lies. This time no one has heard from him.”

This wouldn't be the first time Dean McDermott was caught cheating on his wife. He and Tori Spelling began an affair while they were both married. At the time McDermott was married to Mary Jo Eustace and Spelling was married to Charlie Shanian.

McDermott's divorce from Eustace was finalized in February 2006 while Spellings divorce from Shanian was finalized in April 2006. McDermott and Spelling married on May 7, 2006.

Dean McDermott has one son, Jack with Eustace. He and Tori Spelling have four children together, Liam, Finn, Stella and Hattie.

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