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Tori Spelling’s new reality show offers a look at her marriage to Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling/Lifetime

Tori Spelling is going to be on the Lifetime network in the very near future with her family and the fans couldn't be more excited. Titling the docu-series True Tori, there will be kids, fun and a real glimpse of the life (and marriage) to Dean McDermott. According to US Magazine on Monday, the series begins in late April.

The show is filming right now, in April, which offers a different element than other reality shows. Capturing the day-to-day life without all the lag time that other shows offer is really awesome for the viewers. Obviously, Tori Spelling is no stranger to cameras, so the star might have a few surprises for her fans too. And if she could offer up some of those cool moments fans see on social media everyone will be talking about the show.

While Tori Spelling has been in the news and people have gossiped about the star, this reality show idea the star decided upon might be the best bet yet. Celebrities who find themselves in the tabloids rarely get a voice for them to share the real story (as most tabloids are gossip rags.) Having the platform to actually say something to her fans, Tori can address rumors, share family life and give her family a voice.

So who will be watching True Tori? Well, everyone who wants to know about the star (and the tabloids of course.)

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