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Tori Spelling hospitalized: Reality star spends days in hospital

Tori and Dean
Tori and Dean
Photo by Ari Perilstein

In shocking news, Tori Spelling spent some time in the hospital that was unexpected. On Sunday, E! Online shared about how she has been in the hospital for at least six days, but didn't want anyone to know about it at all. They even caught a picture of her walking out of the hospital and wearing a pink bracelet. Dean was with her through it all.

At this time, nobody knows why Tori was in the hospital. She isn't pregnant at this time and the last time she was sick it had to do with baby issues. Dean is hanging out with her though and watching out to make sure she is okay. A source said he was even bringing her food and staying for 10 hours at a time by her side. It is obvious they are still trying to work on their marriage.

Her show "True Tori" just started airing. It is very obvious that putting your life out there for the world would be hard on anyone. It could be what ended her up in the hospital considering that it is very emotionally draining.

Tori Spelling has been on her Twitter account over the past few days. She could be doing this from her hospital bed or have someone that works for her handling it. The tweets make it appear like she is at home though and doing just fine. It is now very obvious that is not the case. She is probably just trying to trick her fans into thinking that everything is okay.

"True Tori" is airing new episodes on Tuesday night on Lifetime. This show is just a few weeks behind real time. It is very possible that the entire thing will show on their reality show, but that is unknown for sure. It could be why Tori doesn't want anyone to know that she had to go to the hospital.