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Tori Spelling in deep despair: Mourns failing marriage in 'True Tori' (Video)

Tori Spelling is well aware that her marriage may not have a happy ending, which is what she passes along in her new reality show, “True Tori.” It is hard to say what fans will find more disturbing while watching the first episode. This is a toss-up between the fact that Tori is in so much pain trying to repair her marriage and the fact that she is willing to have the cameras capture every moment of this personal deep despair.

Tori Spelling's new reality show opens with the actress in deep despair fighting to keep a marriage alive that may not have a chance at all.
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for John Varvatos

This mother of four is in various stages of mourning for her once vibrant marriage as her new reality show opener hits the screen on April 22 on the Lifetime network. According to the New York Daily News on April 12, Dean McDermott is seen as “contrite” with some of his quips in this reality show that follows the couple going through marriage counseling.

McDermott admits on the show, “That’s my worst nightmare, I cheated on my wife.” This was a bizarre way of putting it, since it is really his wife's worst nightmare. At the end of the year, McDermott admitted to having an affair as rumors circulated online about his infidelity. Apparently things aren’t as always as they seem because up until about a year ago Tori and Dean seemed like the happily married Hollywood couple who were going to make it in the divorce saturated entertainment business.

They shared a great sense of humor together, like the time back in 2011 when Dean took a picture of his son with Tori doing something in the background he hadn’t noticed. Tori and Dean got a kick out of it when the picture went viral after some observant fan saw naked breasts in the background. He had caught Tori just finishing up breastfeeding their baby, as reported in an archived article from the Huffington Post.

She took it well and wasn’t mad at her husband for making that mistake. The picture immediately came down, but not before it had gone viral. Tori saw the comical side of being caught in the background of their hectic home and basically chalked it up to just another family story to tell their grandchildren.

In the clip above, you see a sobbing Tori who sits in counseling with Dean as she is saying, “I am really mad. I could never give him enough sex. He is never going to be happy with just me.” You have to admit that is one heck of a thing to realize when you are eight years into a marriage with four children. The six-part show starts on April 22 and you don’t walk away with a strong feeling that they can work through their troubles.

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