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Tori Spelling challenges divorce rumors with Dean McDermott at party

Tori Spelling
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Tori Spelling is trying to challenge the ongoing divorce rumors by showing the public she has a happy family. On Saturday, she used her official Twitter account to share information about her son’s birthday. She put together a large party for Finn and made sure that guests saw her relationship with Dean McDermott was still strong.

Finn’s second birthday party was another occasion for Spelling and McDermott to confront the rumors. The couple did its best to show there was no split, and Spelling and McDermott were photographed while kissing at one point. They were surrounded by friends and family who did not question their relationship.

During the party, Finn enjoyed visits from SpongeBob SquarePants and Barney who entertained the young guests. Spelling’s mother, Candy, also came to the party and brought several bags of gifts with her. McDermott was later seen carrying a large pile of birthday gifts from multiple guests. The big cake was too much for Finn and the others to finish, so one of the guests was seen holding a half-eaten chocolate cake in the shape of a red and white truck.

The party was at a friend’s house, and it is not clear why Spelling and McDermott did not use their own home for the bash. In addition, Spelling’s skinny body has been criticized with some fans wondering if there is still stress in the relationship causing her to lose weight. There have also been suggestions of eating disorders that were started by McDermott’s cheating.

The couple previously attended the Malibu Kiwanis Chili Cook-Off Carnival with their children. The carnival and fair featured several bands, and a chili contest with multiple entries. Spelling and McDermott have been taking their kids to various events during the summer and joining friends at parties. They have also been doing crafts at home with the kids.

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