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Tori Spelling admits she missed Dean after affair and felt weak for it

Tori Spelling
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Tonight is the big start of "True Tori" on Lifetime. New previews and spoilers keep coming out about this show and in a new video Tori Spelling admits she missed Dean McDermott after the cheating scandal. On Tuesday, E! Online shared a clip where she talks about how she felt weak that she missed him.

In this clip, she is talking about how she will be meeting with Dean to talk to him about the affair. She admits that she is excited to see him and that makes her sound weak. It has been hard on her and she misses him. Tori even calls him her best friend and her support. This couple has always been very close until this news came out.

Dean McDermott was always her person that she went to for everything. They have been together for seven years and now she is learning how to do things without him. She wants to be strong and not cry when she meets up with him though. It has to be hard to be going through this all and the one person that you normally lean on is the one person you are upset with for treating you wrong.

Tori went to her Twitter today to share about how she wants the fans to watch this show. She said, "Every tabloid always got it wrong. Hear the real story in #TrueTori, premiering tonight - April 22nd at 10pm on @LifetimeTV." She wants to have her voice and get the word out, but a lot of fans are really unsure about the way that she is doing it by putting it all out on television.

Tonight is the big premiere of "True Tori." It will air on Lifetime every Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. You do not want to miss this docu-series about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. This is when the truth will come out.

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