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Tori Nelson retains her title

Tori Nelson is still the champion
Tori Nelson is still the champion

On Saturday, June 28, Tori Nelson defended her WIBA welterweight title with a unanimous decision over top contender Nicole Woods. "I did not fight the fight I wanted or that I trained for, but I'm blessed and happy that I won", says Nelson. By all accounts of the fight, Woods fought a tough and some would say a dirty fight for 10 rounds. "She was a very dirty. She hit me after the bell. She would hold and punch me with illegal punches in the back of my head. She was pretty dirty. One time she even grabbed my hair and threw me down," recalls the champ. Woods even head butted Nelson during the fight, "intentionally", says Tori. Woods was warned several times by the ref, "but he never took a point. My coach kept saying, 'it's an ugly fight, but you're winning', that kept me calm," says Nelson. Nelson was in the gym 2 days after the fight to just loosen up, get a message and sauna and relax her body after a tough fight.

A crowd of around 2000 packed the Du Burn Arena in Baltimore to witness Nelson improve her record to 10-0, 1 KO. Her promoter, Pony Tail Promotions indicated that Nelson will fight again in August or September. An opponent and exact date, to be determined. All of Nelson's fights in the future will be title defenses.

Woods was a very tall fighter, with a good jab. At 5 feet 6 inches, Nelson has fought taller fighters most of the time. "Most of the fighters are taller than I am. I am used to it by now. I think my jab was just as strong as hers," says Nelson. Tori Nelson can be added to the list of world champions that represent the DMV. Please subscribe and keep up with Tori as she defends her world welterweight title.