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Tori Nelson fights to keep her belts

Nelson in action in Baltimore
Nelson in action in Baltimore

If Tori Nelson participated in a main stream sport, with her skills and gorgeous looks, she would be a world wide super star. People would see her doing commercials and Dancing with the Stars like another skilled woman with a famous last name. Nelson, 37, is the WIBA Welterweight champion of the world at 147 pounds and will fight top contender Nicole Woods in Baltimore on Saturday June 28, in a 10 round fight. If you are interested in good professional boxing, get out to the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore and watch Nelson defend her title in the main event. For tickets call, 410-499-5361 or visit,

About her opponent Nelson says, "She's tall and she has fought a lot of good fighters. She has a great jab and I just can't slack on her....I have to be ready." Nelson got a title shot very early in her career and keeps improving. "As time goes on, like anything else, you get better. The more practice I get and the more fights I have..... I have learned and I have learned from the different girls I have fought. I use skills I have learned from past fights against the next opponent and my trainer teaches me different things to use against my upcoming opponent." Her trainer, Craig Fladager, has been with her for all of her 9 fights and she says, "He will not let me over look any opponents. Craig has been with me from day 1."

Ponytail Promotions is putting on the fight show, with Men and Women fighters on display and have signed Tori Nelson, 9-0, 1 KO, to a promotional deal. Since the lady with the famous last name hung up her gloves, the women pros have been off of the main stream radar. "It's not where it should be. If you remember, the only medals won in boxing in the Olympics were won by women. If they were men, they would have gone world wide. We're struggling, but we are going to keep our names out there and keep seeking the recognition that the men get. We should at least get the money that we are worth and that we deserve." Tori "Sho Nuff" Nelson, from Ashburn, Va. is coming off of a second round stoppage of Mia St. John in May, is worth the price of admission. Please subscribe and follow Tori, as she continues her boxing career.