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Tori Boggs, world jump-rope champion, performs on ‘Ellen’ (Video)

Tori Boggs gave the fans of the Ellen Show on Thursday a visual treat. The star is the world-champion jump-roper and she knows how to move the rope so fast that it is hard to see with the naked eye. The 21-year-old Ohio University student got to show off her amazing tricks on "The Ellen Show." According to The Columbus Dispatch on Thursday, it was always a dream for the woman to be on the show and it finally came true. It wasn’t the first time she tried to be on the show as she has been considered by the producers, but that didn’t matter as she finally got to meet the talk show host.

Tori Boggs is an astonishing jumper. The video shown by Ellen DeGeneres set the moment, but the performance was definitely best seen live. The rope whizzed around the college student who was moving so quick it was impossible to see exactly where the rope was going. Her performance included so many tricks that it was impossible to name them all. Tori Boggs performance on "The Ellen Show" had viewers around the world delighted to see the jump-rope champion and Tori even got a gift from the talk show host for showing up!

Take a look at the video clip of Tori Boggs performing on "The Ellen Show." She looks so excited to get the chance and the fans loved seeing her too.

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