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Torah and the continuous creation

The play of colors the sense of the awesome and marvelous unity of expression are all here above
The play of colors the sense of the awesome and marvelous unity of expression are all here above

When we study Torah we usually think of it as a group of stories that have a deeper mystical significance that we may reveal via meditation, studying the sages or simply asking ourselves what is going on. One the things about these stories is that they seem to have a place in time. We think that way back when this happened and then that happened and so on. The problem with this kind of assumption is that we really don’t know the timing of anything that took place. Sure we are given a chronological time table but when it comes to applying it to history the results are haphazard and hard to pin down.

Amazing skies

If Torah is a document for all of time then Torah must also represent all of time. What this means is that the events, the stories pictured in Torah are all ongoing and are meant to be the building blocks of a continuous creation. If we start with this viewpoint we may achieve results that are more accurate in spiritual terms and at the same time are able to tell us more about how we may relate to the divine in every aspect of our lives.

Consider then the timeless nature of Torah. Keeping this in mind the entire panoply of the beginning verses takes on new meanings. For example:

Gen 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

When is this beginning? It is happening right now and yes again in the next moment after. In fact it is always happening. This Creation thing that ELHY”M imagined has never stopped coming into being. The difference between thinking about an actual time based beginning and an ongoing beginning that is happening every moment is something that will change the way you think about Creation forever. After all how could you say that Creation began in such and such a way and not be transformed by the idea that Creation still happens the same way?

ELHY”M as has been discussed previously in these pages is symbolic of ‘the way things work.’ It is the process of Creation, its ongoing influence that permeates every degree of heaven and earth and all that is in between. You could call it the operating system, however, it is much more than that. ELHY”M encompasses all of our thoughts and the process of how consciousness brings together ideas and sends them in demonstrations of form. It makes concrete our assumptions and thought patterns and provides an unerring example to the our consciousness performs.

Because it is ongoing this process of ELHY”M demands that we become conscious of the thoughts that are passing through us. We learn that by cultivating an active awareness of these thoughts that we may influence for our good the entire nature of the creation in which we are immersed inside of.

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