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Topshop stylist Courtni Vecchiarelli breaks down Spring trends

Crops like this Topshop look are all over the place this spring.
Photo by Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of your wardrobe. Sure, it's tempting to dig all of your clothes from last spring out of the closet, but shopping for new ones is much more fun. The Park Meadows Nordstrom store recently opened an in-store Topshop boutique, and Courtni Vecchiarelli, a Personal Shopper at the boutique, shares this spring's hottest trends. Bone up on what you need, then head down to Park Meadows and check out the merchandise.

1. What trends are popping up for Spring 2014?

This spring, fashion is all about shape. Boxy, cropped tops paired with high waisted bottoms is a fashion must for 2014. Feminine tea-length skirts are also a spring staple, and paired with a shorter top (or a blouse tucked in), make women appear taller. Also, lace and pleats are everywhere this season! I love the girly feel of the two trends, especially mixed together.

2. How can shoppers determine which styles are most complementary on them?

The number one thing that I tell ladies looking to complement their body shape is try things on. Clothes look so much different on the hanger, and often times, something that you never would have bought is the look that would be best on you. The other thing that often affects the way clothes look on a person is improper fit. Don't worry about the number, and pick the size that fits your body best. Every brand fits differently, and no one will be able to see the tag, but they will be able to see if something is too snug or too baggy.

3. What types of colors are coming in this season?

Pantone's color of 2014 is "Radiant Orchid," so I predict that we will be seeing more and more of that as spring rolls in. Orange has also been a big trend this year. You can never go wrong with spring pastels. Two of my favorite this year are mint and the palest of pinks.

4. Which trends are on the riskier side in terms of fashion?

One trend that a lot of people are terrified of is the crop top. I think a common misconception is that with a shorter top, you have to show your stomach, but that simply isn't true. Pair a boxy crop with fitted, high-waisted jeans, or throw on a skater skirt with a cupcake shape to complement a more fitted crop. The key is balance; You want to make sure that if the top of your outfit is boxy, the bottom should be fitted and visa versa. Still not convinced? You can always through a longer cardigan over a crop and skinny pant to feel a little more covered.

The other risky trend is the matching coordinates. I personally love a loud print short with a jacket in the exact same (and equally as loud) print, but anti-matchers tend to disagree. If you aren't warmed up to the idea, still buy both coordinates in a print you love, and wear them at separately with other more neutral pieces.

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