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Topless woman wrestles mall cop, incident caught on camera

A topless woman at a mall in Oklahoma City wrestled a mall security guard and the whole thing was caught on tape. According to a video report by NewsFix, Heather Lynn Hall was accused of shoplifting before she got into a fight with the mall cop who tried to stop her. Apparently she thought she would be able to escape if she was naked.

Just before the incident, Hall stuffed some clothes from Buckle Clothing into a Dillard's bag and tried to make a run for it. When she was stopped by the security guard, she managed to wriggle out of her shirt and that led to the topless scuffle.

People at the mall began snapping photos and taking videos with their camera phones -- and of course some of those videos made there way to the Internet (see the footage in the video above). Back up finally arrived on the scene and Hall was arrested -- bare chested and angry.

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