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Topless woman chases peeping Tom through Kohl's

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A woman running through a Kohl’s store topless was so mortified from something she had just witnessed that she forgot that she naked from the waist up while giving chase. This woman was trying on bras in a Kohl’s dressing room when she saw a man’s hand with smartphone under the partition recording a video of her, according to ABC News on Dec. 5.

Jeanne Ouelette of Kansas City, Mo. said that she noticed that the man was on the floor in the adjacent dressing room when she spotted the hand holding the smartphone. She also said the smartphone was pointed at her breasts. This caused this bra shopper to become instantly “enraged,” she said. Ouelette told KCTV 5 News:

"I just screamed and chased him topless through the store. I know I shouldn't be chasing someone ... I was just enraged. I was at a store in a very private place, and I was enraged and I wanted to get the phone."

This peeping Tom invaded the woman’s privacy and apparently this infuriated the shopper to the point that she threw all caution to the wind, which meant giving little thought about modesty in this moment. She whipped out of the dressing room determined to catch the peeping Tom. Ouelette did say that she cupped her breasts with her hands as much as she could as she gave chase.

Holiday shopping got a bit bizarre for the other store shoppers in the Kohl’s store, who couldn’t help but notice the topless woman sprint through the store. According to “Fox and Friends” live on Friday morning, the woman came to her senses before exiting the store after the man and decided to not to give chase topless along the streets.

The man made his way out of the store, but witnesses identified him and he was arrested.

Now 35-year-old Jeremy F. Bradley got his 15-minutes of fame as the naked chase made national headline news. He faces a charge of breach of privacy and he’s identified nationally as a peeping Tom.