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Topless Fashion: Legally #FreeTheNipple with the TaTaTop (Photo)

Topless protesters have a new #FreeTheNipple weapon called the TaTaTop
Topless protesters have a new #FreeTheNipple weapon called the TaTaTop
@TheTaTaTop on Twitter:

Ladies, do you want to support the #FreeTheNipple Twitter campaign but are afraid of going topless in public?

Well, now there's a new fashion accessory called the TaTaTop which allows women to (ahem) "support" the movement without being hassled by the Naked Police.

From the "Why Didn't I Think Of That?" file, comes a bikini top which looks like a pair of breasts exposed, nipples and all, giving the wearer the illusion that she is going topless.

Invented as a joke, the TaTaTop has been doing serious business since Scout Willis started the Twitter #FreeTheNipple protest, meant to end laws that discriminate against women going topless in public, a privilege that men enjoy in just about every jurisdiction.

At first glance, the TaTaTop certainly looks convincing. Right down to the cherry red color of the nipples popping off the flesh tone bikini top. They're almost real enough to touch. But, that's another issue entirely.

According to the creators of the TaTaTop, demand is currently outpacing supply, but they've just guaranteed a 24 hour turnaround time on new orders, so clearly the product is "taking off."

Still, just a segment of the market is being covered (uncovered?) since the topless bikini top is available only in a pink flesh tone color. The company promises a wider selection, in darker colors, coming soon.

What do you think of the TaTaTop? Is it a solution to actually going topless? Or is it just a fad?

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