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Top your fire pit off with a cover

Enjoy your fire pit but when the evening is over, plan on covering it.
Enjoy your fire pit but when the evening is over, plan on covering it.
Cheryl Dangel Bartolini

If you have a fire pit table, you're in luck. It probably came with a cover. However, if you have a stone fire pit made of pavers, finding a cover for your fire pit isn't as easy.

It is nearly impossible to find a custom cover for a stone fire pit, but there is help at
Cheryl Dangel Bartolini

There are canvas pit covers to be found all over the Internet, but those are end-of-season covers. If you're looking for a cover to place on your pit at the end of an evening or prior to a thunderstorm, the search isn't as easy.

However, I came across a wonderful website that can deliver. I have a round stone fire pit constructed of pavers and needed a large pit cover. After much searching, I found While the company got its start in manufacturing covers for stoves, it now produces what it calls, The Original PITTopper, which is constructed of high grade aluminum with a durable powder coat. Their standard product line included square pit toppers but the website promised it could deliver custom sizes. I inquired and submitted my dimensions.

The company responded quickly with a quote of about $100 (before shipping), considerably less than I saw elsewhere for something that would not be custom. I gave them the go-ahead and it was delivered in about four weeks. Now, round pit toppers are part of their standard product line and come in many sizes. However, if you don't see your size listed, they company will do a custom project for you.

Back in our yard, the topper works perfectly. When the pit is not in use, it provides an additional surface area on the patio. It also keeps unburned wood dry when we're sprinkling or have rain.

This was an easy and economical solution that we hope will last for years to come.