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Top YA Figure Skating Reads for Sochi 2014 & how to get a free preview!

It's almost time for Olympic Figure Skating to begin!

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And you know what that means? In a few weeks' time, ice rinks around the country are going to be crowded with boys and girls who want to duplicate what they've just seen on TV (before they realize just how much work, pain and sacrifice go into making those few minutes of make-or-break time). Kids are going to want skates, and lessons, and everything ice-related. And those who turn out to be truly talented are going to take their parents on a long, difficult, crazy ride... that just might lead to an Olympic Games of their own.

Or, maybe, your kids are already obsessed. (And you already know that they're gifted - and what that means for your future sanity.) They, meanwhile, know who is favored to win a medal, and who is destined to go home empty-handed and heartbroken.

They already want (and have) skates and lessons and everything ice-related.

Including books about their favorite sport. The more the better. Kids like this can't be stopped.

Luckily, for parents, YALSA The Hub: Your Connection to Teen Reads has just come out with their list of YA Reads For Perfecting Your Triple Toe Loop.

Among them is my own, Murder on Ice.

YALSA writes:

Murder On Ice by Alina Adams
Bex works as a researcher for the 24/7 network. She’s helping cover the World Figure Skating Championships. The announcers argue over the winners –even going so far as to say someone bribed a judge. When the judge turns up murdered the next morning, the police believe it to be an accident, but with the accusation of bribery, Bex isn't convinced. After a little digging, she’s sure it’s murder. If she wants to keep her job, Bex needs to solve this crime and fast.

Murder on Ice is appropriate for mature readers ages 12 and up. There is no graphic sex or violence, though there is some PG-13 language, murder (obviously) and less than savory motives for committing the crime.

But, wait, there's more!

The enhanced e-book version of Murder on Ice features all the text of the original, paperback release, as well as professional skating video by The Ice Theatre of NY, so readers can actually see the programs the characters are performing!

It's something that's never been done before in skating fiction!

And, here's a tip just for NY Gifted Education Examiner readers: All five books in the Alina Adams Figure Skating Mystery series have been released in a single volume (see it, here). Amazon allows readers to preview a percentage of any book before buying it. In the case of The Figure Skating Mystery Series (5 Books in 1), that ends up being a large portion of Murder on Ice. Check it out - and help spread the word!

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