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Top wedding trends for 2014

Valentine's Day and the busiest time of year for engagements is now behind us, so what's to look forward to in 2014? Well, with the economy trending upwards - not to mention wedding budgets overall - there are a wave of new ideas that are becoming popular with brides all over the country.

Wedding Trends for 2014.
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Below, I've compiled a list from all over the web, of "hot" wedding trends for 2014. Just click on the link to view each sources entire list of trends. Enjoy!

  • The Huffington Post: Bridal Guide's Rachel Griffiths gives you a list of the "14 Hottest Wedding Trends" in 2014. Topping the list? A return to pink color schemes for bridal dresses and reception decor.
  • Pinterest: Type in "2014 Wedding Trends" in Pinterest and you will be flooded with idea after idea. Certain trends like dramatic veils and - once again - pink-infused weddings seem to dominate the landscape, but you'll also notice other nifty ideas such as "styled grooms" and floral crowns, both trending popular in 2014.
  • The Knot: How about an "unplugged" wedding, where you choose a remote locale, or where cell phones and other electronic devices are collected at the door? Or how about a "super-charged" wedding, which is basically the opposite of an unplugged wedding, where you give guests a custom hashtag to upload photos and videos, and even design chic little charging stations for your guests' phones. Those and other ideas populate this list.
  • Slow-Motion Video Booths: Tired of the traditional photo booths? New slow-motion Video Booths are all the rage. Be sure to click the video to the top of this page for a preview (click here for a video company in Michigan offering slow-motion video booths).

Have something that makes your 2014 truly unique? Post your comments below!

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