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Top Washington officials provide solution for cash-strapped taxpayers


If you are like many Americans you will be glad to learn that the highest ranking United States Senator and a Presidential Cabinet Secretary have both affirmed that you are lawfully allowed to keep every cent you have earned.

According to federal officials, you deserve every cent you earn; and Income Taxes are voluntary.

In an interview with journalist Jan Helfeld, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid affirms that “income taxes are voluntary.”

In a recent video advertisement from President Obama’s Secretary of Labor,
Hilda Solis, she emphatically declares that “it is a serious problem when workers in this country are not being paid every cent they earn.” Ms. Solis asks you to contact the Department of labor at 866-487-9243 or on line at to obtain assistance in getting all the wages you are due.

Don’t delay. Call today. A full refund of every cent you have ever paid in Income and Social Security Taxes would do wonders to help your household and provide a much needed stimulus to our troubled economy. Isn’t it wonderful that these two duly sworn, official representatives of the federal government have shown us a remedy to our economic woes?

So call (866-487-9243) or go online to today to get help.


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