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Top tips on how to strengthen a relationship

It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s not always so easy to stay in love. Relationships often start with huge amounts of passion and excitement, but when that settles down, you need to have a deeper kind of love and respect for each other in order to stay in a relationship long-term.

Sometimes you can look up and realise that you may be living together, but not actually enjoying the each other’s company like you used to. Here are some top tips on how to nurture your relationship.

Spend more time together

With the busy lives that everyone leads, it’s not always easy to spend quality time with your partner. It may feel ridiculous to do so, but sometimes you have to even put in times to spend together in the diary, just to make sure it happens. ‘Date nights’ have become a popular trend for many married couples these days – as it guarantees that you will get to spend at least some time just as a couple regularly and your relationship will benefit from that.

Share the load

If you have kids, it is often the case that all the parental duties fall to the mum, whether or not she’s working. For a better balance, try and share the meetings with teachers, pick-ups and drop-offs to different extra-curricular activities for the kids. Similarly, you can share out household chores too, so that neither partner feels like they shoulder too much of the mundane responsibility of running a house.

Do something new…together

After years in a relationship, you probably each have your own sets of hobbies and activities that you spend time doing. A great way to add a little zest to your relationship is to try a new pastime together. You might be into separate sports, for example, but how about trying to learn a new sport together? Climbing is a great choice as it requires teamwork!

Similarly, if you go out with different groups of friends, why not mix it up now and then, and go out as a couple with those friends. This is a good way of showing your partner you enjoy their company as much as your friends’.

Deal with problems

Many couples avoid dealing with problems or issues in their relationship. They think by ignoring the problem, it will go away or fade into the background. In fact, what it will do is a bit like what a slow water leak does to a house – eat away at the foundations and lead the relationship to collapse.

It’s best to be as open as you can with your partner. Tell them if something they have done or said bothers or annoys you. Otherwise, it’s a little niggle that can turn into a festering wound! It’s far better to address it, clear the air and move on with enjoying time together.

A good relationship isn't always easy to maintain, but if you value your partner, it’s worth making sure that they know you do.

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