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Top tips for planting a flower garden

Learn how to plant the best flowers in your garden this summer
Learn how to plant the best flowers in your garden this summer

As vegetable gardens tend to be the popular choice for planting gardens recently, flower gardens have moved into the background for some gardeners. Flower gardens can easily improve property values, create a habitat for butterflies, bees, and birds as well as make a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a warm summers day.

If you want to find out how to plant a beautiful garden this year read the great tips and tutorial called 5 Top Tips for Planting a Flower Garden. The guide provides information on where to plant your flowers, what types of flowers you should plant, adding foliage to fill out your garden, controlling pests and watering a garden.

Take a look at the backyard photos from our patio garden where we added a variety of flowers and plants to the yard including Marigolds, Coleus, Petunias and other flowers in containers and on the fence. Besides the patio there are flowers placed in our front yard, around trees, around mailboxes and other selected plant areas of the yard.

In order to decide where to plant your flower garden, choose a location in your yard, design how you want to layout the flowers and ask your local garden center for help choosing the right plants and flowers. Make sure you have the proper top soil for the flowers and after the flowers are purchased lay them out in your location before planting to make sure the flowers are arranged how you want them.

Your garden will continue to grow with the proper watering and care throughout the summer. As it does take photos and notes for making changes and adding flowers to next garden area you plant. The photos will also be a great thing of beauty for you to share on Facebook and garden sites.

Here are some recommended sites to check out before planting a garden or ordering flowers and plants…

Receive 3 Additional plants of any size when your order flowers and plants from Summer Stone Nursery. – You also receive 12 plants free on all orders depending on the size of your order plus free shipping on plants and flowers. You can also find planting tips, and request a free catalog on the site.

Raised Garden Bed Kits and Ideas - A variety of ideas, products and guides on planting a raised garden bed.

Summer gardening keeps your plants looking great so you can enjoy what you've grown. -- Free shipping over $99 – This site has just about everything for the garden.

Nature Hills Nursery – Several plants, flowers and trees all shipped in time for planting. Check out the weekly specials for extra savings and read reviews from other gardeners about certain plants and flowers.

Garden Fountains – A nice way to add a feature to your outdoor garden is to and a garden fountain or statue. This site will help you pick the right size and style for your yard or planting area.

Plants, Seeds and Bulbs – Amazon carries a large selection of plants and seeds plus you can receive free shipping and check out reviews of the garden items you are looking for.

Search web sites such as Lowes, HGTV and other home and garden sites for the best tips and advice on planting and gardening tips.

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